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  1. of parties with having only two that get many votes.

    And an interesting tidbit: Did you know the Knesset is supposed to be temporary? Yup. It was originally charged with drafting a constitution for Israel.  It’s been a lifetime. No constitution.

    I lived in Israel and was Oleh Hadash, but was never a citizen. If I had been, back then (late 1980s) I was thinking of voting for Shinui.  

  2. Strummerson

    where if two parties garner votes above a certain number of seats, they combine their leftover votes and the party with more of them gets the extra seat.  Some people take into account with whom a party signs such an agreement and it can affect a choice.  

    So, for instance, one of the reasons I decided against voting Labor this cycle, is that they signed a surplus agreement with Yesh Atid.  Had they signed with Meretz (as they’ve done in the past) I might have voted for them.  But I wanted no part of Yesh Atid.

    But these agreements don’t really work for the tiny parties.  I’m all for raising the threshold.  CG has been advocating this for a long time.  

  3. Strummerson

    It’s hard to lay this much info out in such a clear and concise manner.  Tons of info and so readable.

    Big hat tip and thanks.

  4. Strummerson

    Yesh Atid people want Lapid to take the Foreign Ministry over the Finance Ministry.  Apparently they think that, given the economy, Finance could be his undoing.

    Aryeh Deri is claiming he’ll stand firm on opposing the draft of Yeshiva students, making Shas an unlikely partner.  But this could be negotiation posturing.

    If Shas stays out, Bennett likely will likely be in.  Bennett could work with Lapid at Finance or at education.  But how does Bennett sit in government with Lapid as a Foreign Minister pursuing some form of a two states solution, when Bennett wants to annex large swaths of the West Bank.

    Without Bennett or Shas, Bibi will need Hatnuah and Avodah.  But how could he sell that to Lieberman’s people?

    Nothing clear yet.  The longer this drags on, the weaker Bibi will become within his own party.  If, in the highly unlikely event of another round of elections, there’s a challenge to Bibi, who might it be?

    Very sticky at the moment.

  5. BlueStateRedhead

    Since haeretz is firewalled, where does one go to follow beside waiting on pins and needed for diaries here by your and Strum at the Moose?

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