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I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

So it appears that it has been awhile since I graced the welcoming confines of the Motley Moose. Almost a year to be exact, amazing how time flies when you are out trying to win an election 🙂

So in that year what has happened? Well OFA sucked up an awful lot of time until late spring ’12 and then I just needed a break and took the summer off.  Did a lot of bike riding, went over to Maine and did the Lobster Ride and Roll.


Went from that to the operating table to get my rotator cuff repaired. Which pretty much destroyed the rest of my summer 🙂 Don’t ask how I tore my cuff it is too embarrassing.

As soon as Fall rolled around and I could drive a stick again I was back volunteering with OFA, pounding the phones and knocking on doors.

And now? Working on the gun issue.

So what have I missed?


  1. Strummerson

    No seat in the cabinet?

    We’ll take you back here VERY gladly!!!

    Oh, and well done.  Very excellently done.

  2. Its the Supreme Court Stupid

    able to discern, there are alot of new, yet familiar, members here.  The Moose are on the loose!

  3. Kysen

    Great to see ya ’round these parts again. You are the Moose’s ‘one degree of separation’ to President Obama! /grin

    I am KING of the ‘Tim the Toolman Taylor’ moments…thankfully, I also have the luck the Irish (despite not being Irish) and have, thus far, avoided anything worse than a few broken bones and stitches. The only things permanent are the scars.

    Welcome back!

    (when I click your images I am prompted to sign into Yahoo…I don’t have a Yahoo account though!)

  4. iriti

    Well, being a n00b I honestly didn’t know you were gone as I never knew you were here, but I remember you kinda sorta from a site of a different color.

    Good to see ya. Bunch of us invaders showed up recently, kind of like a termite infestation but please don’t call the exterminator, kthxbai.

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