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Food glorious food! (Introduction)

Yesterday, in Aji’s diary on indigenous food traditions, I suggested a diary series on food from all over our country and  the world.

I think the diary series could be called Food, glorious food!  

My own cultural background is Ashkenazi and the food associated with that tradition is what is often (and mistakenly) known as “Jewish food” in the USA, partly because the vast majority of Jews in America are Ashkenazi rather than Sephardi (for more on these two groups see  this article I wrote on Yahoo Voices. When I lived in Israel I had an Iraqi Jewish girlfriend – I was going to write a book to be called gefilte fish and couscous.

But even what the Jews ate in Poland and Russia and Germany isn’t exactly what they eat here (although bagels and bialys were definitely known over there).

But I like food from many regions of the world.

I am not much of a cook, but I can certainly find recipes online.

Is there interest in this series?

Take the poll and let us know!

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  1. blue jersey mom

    My background is English, Irish, and Scottish, regions of the world not known for their cuisine, unless you are really into haggis and mushy peas.  

  2. I have a series that I write rather sporadically now called Breaking Bread where I post my recipes. I’m writing a cookbook and have over 300 recipes. If people would like I am certainly willing to bring that series over here.

  3. Aji

    I’ll do my series launched yesterday under its name, but I have two other ethnic groups in my ancestry. 🙂  Plus, we’re foodies, so I draw from a bunch of traditions when I cook.

    BTW, it looks like we have a clear winner in yesterday’s poll.  So next up in the Indigenous Food Traditions series will be chile.  No promises as to what day it posts, though, 😀

  4. Its the Supreme Court Stupid

    in our family.  My brother’s wife is Greek-American.  My wife was born in Mexico.  So, imagine a meal where homemade Spanikopita is served and then dressed with Salsa Verde (don’t laugh — it works!).

  5. fogiv

    my wife made this for dinner last night:


    flank steak, bacon, spinach, and parmesan.  garlic/parm mashed potatos, steamed greenbeans with evo and lemon zest on the side.

    i married up.  obviously.

  6. BlueStateRedhead

    Probably most useful of my experiences is being a semi-serious foodie and having an oven so unreliable that everything had to be done in the microwave.

    a Kafka-sque story = foodie inside baseball joke.

    the solution was a very selective use of a cookbook by Barbara Kafka

    Will that please the mousse eaters?  

  7. Susan from 29

    suggestion, once a month include a diary from someone on their kitchen disasters. I could help with that one!

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