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  1. Kysen


    I was 8th in line..and sober this year!

    Now to sit and stew and fret until the final results are tallied.

    Hope everyone has a smooth and painless voting experience.


  2. I’m going to do what I can to not watch the coverage today until polls start closing. May have to turn on the tube while I have a snack at some point, but not looking forward to the cable news gyre while they wait for actual information.

  3. Strummerson

    but this year felt like casting an MI vote was also about the integrity of the state.  I mean, after Obama stood up for Michigan’s big 3 and took flack for it, if the state goes Romney it would be simply shameful.

    In the mean time, 85% of Americans living in Israel voted for Mitt.  Guess Dr. Ms. Strum and I are in the elite 15% of non-idiotic jackweeds!

    And my eldest daughter just came home from school in tears, because a classmate who is the son of one of the leaders of Ir David, a group trying to oust Palestinians from the village of Silwan on Mt. of Olives, kicked her in the side because she mistakenly threw away a torn paper airplane he had made.  Probably has a crush on her.  I certainly do.  But it’s hard not to see it through the lens of his father’s politics of ethnic intimidation.  Just kids, Strum.  Just kids.

    Auditioning a vocalist tonight after my son’s karate class.  Hope she’s good.  Played a significant role in The Pianist, which I didn’t see as I can’t stand Holocaust cinema.  Then I’ll be watching results as they start to come in sometime after 1 AM here…

  4. For my parents who bled and took arrest to secure my right. For my family who withstood beatings and worse in dark southern towns. I am taking my soul to the poll and exercise my right to determine both my and my nation’s future.

  5. …Florida by the narrowest of margins.

    Who knows? Perhaps the fogiv/virginislandguy predictions of 320 EV landslide now look like a better bet.

    One thing is for sure, I’m going to be spending my evening – and my late night, with my Moose Friends, finding out.

    Catch you all later – and well done for voting!

  6. creamer

    The 14th precinct in Ottawa County Michigan is one of the reddist(redist?) in the country. I cant imagine what they thought they might find.

    Saw this,

    The Columbus Dispatch reports:

    True the Vote – whose Ohio branch is called the Voter Integrity Project – was denied status as official observers because at least most of the candidates who supported the organization’s effort withdrew their backing. State law allows groups of at least five candidates to assign poll observers, and the group originally had obtained signatures from a bipartisan group of six candidates for county office.

    “The Franklin County Board of Elections did not allow Election Day polling location observer appointments filed by the True the Vote group,” said board spokesman Ben Pisctelli in a statement. “The appointments were not properly filed and our voting location managers were instructed not to honor any appointment on behalf of the True the Vote group.”

    There were charges yesterday that the candidates’ names had either been falsified or merely copied on forms requesting observer status for the True the Vote at several Franklin County polling places. Many are in predominantly African American neighborhoods.

    Thats a tea bagger group in Columbus, not sure about the makeup of the board but they get a gold star today.

  7. rfahey22

    Very glad to do it and to watch things unfold tonight.  One of my brothers is doing GOTV in Colorado and my grandmother is a poll worker in Wisconsin, so it’s a team effort.  

    I’ll be interested to see what happens with Baldwin vs. Thompson.  Thompson was the governor of Wisconsin for a very, very long time and there is still some residual goodwill for him, even though he has been out of the governorship for many years now.  As an openly gay politician, I’m not sure how Baldwin plays with the older, rural Democrats in the state.  My grandmother actually can’t stand either one of them, due to their personalities and attack ads, but fears that Thompson is too old to begin serving in Congress and that he could go senile by the end of his term.  Therefore, for the good of the country, she felt compelled to vote for Baldwin.    

  8. Around quarter of noon; traffic in and out was heavy but I didn’t have to wait in line more than a few minutes; they’re very well organized here in Ipswich.

    I heard from a friend that when he voted at 7:30 in neighboring Essex it was already busy, with a wait, and when his mother voted around 10:30 it was equally bustling.

  9. fogiv

    fox sez they spotted a black panther somewheres and there was a c. 2008 mural of obama at an elementary school polling place!  it’s all been rigged, i tell ya!


  10. lojasmo

    with a couple of ales to get out to vote.  Wifey has been working 15 hours a day GOTV for the last five days.  Looking forward to having her back.

    Feeling very good, especially in light of Silver’s statement Re. Florida.  7 PM is going to be a good hour in the midwest when FL, PA and OH results come in (I hope)

  11. Strummerson

    Big takeaway is this:

    Canaries in the Coalmine

    Surprising results in certain Eastern states would suggest that results differ by 3 points or more from pre-election polls. Possible causes include biases such as unexpected turnout effects, unrepresentative models by pollsters, or missing cell phone users.

    Early warnings for a larger-than-expected Obama win: North Carolina (closing time 7:30 pm, Romney +1%). An Obama win would foretell a larger-than-expected re-election margin.

    Early warnings for a closer race or a Romney win: The number one state to watch tonight is New Hampshire. New Hampshire is a homogeneous and quickly-reporting state. Obama has

    a lead of 3% in polls. If he wins by less than 1% or falls behind, tonight may be a nail-biter.

    A virtually must-win for Romney is Ohio (closing time 7:30 pm, Obama +3%).

  12. sricki

    getting a chance to turn on the TV. Sitting here feeling a bit queasy because I spent the day doing my job in an EXTREMELY conservative environment. And when I say that, I don’t just mean the “Paul Ryan and his budget are AWESOME, and women deserve no control over their bodies” type of hardcore conservative. I mean… “Obama is the ANTICHRIST” kind of CRAZY conservative. Literally, a friend of mine at work thinks Obama is the Antichrist and will basically be branding us all with the mark of the Beast sometime in 2013 if he wins.

    And of course, all of these people (patients and coworkers alike) watch Faux News, which is building expectations that Romney is going to win it. So all these Republicans are soooooo confident. Nervous confidence, but it’s confidence nonetheless. And listening to all the insanity ALL DAY LONG has got my nerves raw. I wasn’t that scared this morning… now I’m terrified: not only of losing, but of the GOP reaction and cries of “fraud” if Obama wins. Afraid there will be some kind of insane reaction from the Right.

    Just freaked as hell here in red red RED ‘Bama. Crossing my fingers (and toes…and arms…and legs… any body part that can possibly be crossed).

  13. Kysen

    that ANYONE in the US has to stand on line for more than 3 hours to VOTE.

    It is SHAMEFUL that people find themselves having to decide between a work day and voting.

    Polling places should be abundant and easily accessible. States that cannot provide quick/easy voting opportunities for ALL their citizens ought be penalized financially (ie: Dick Scott in FL ought have his pants sued off).

    Election day should be a Federal Holiday.

    Everyone should have Election day off.

    We get a day off to eat turkey (Thanksgiving).

    We get a day off to celebrate the man who kickstarted the mass genocide of indigenous peoples (Columbus Day).

    Why in the hell do we not get a day off to take part in the process that is a vital part of the foundation of our nation?

    It is shameful.

    Just my 4 cents worth.

    /waves to John

    /waves to everyone else

    /doles out a few hugs

    /tell Spiff to stop grabbin’ my ass

  14. HappyinVT

    Boehner land with family who voted for same.  My celebration will be muted out of respect for my brother and SIL.  But in my head I will be yelling, “F*** Yeah!”complete with the astericks ’cause there are young children in the house.

  15. Kysen

    at around 100 comments…

    I have a feeling that things are gonna start to move fast in not so long and don’t want to see things get too confusing in the threads.

    Does someone wanna volunteer now for Open Thread #3 when it is needed?




  16. fogiv

    We liberals should remember: If Romney wins Letterman will be really funny for 4 years and punk rock will return stronger and better than ever.

  17. Kysen

    Still lookin’ for a volunteer to do a third when needed.

    Otherwise I’ll just volunteer Ricki again. /grin

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