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Where is everybody?

Don’t anyone FP this on impulse or anything… this is not some profound philosophical treatise on the origins and journeys of humankind.

I mean seriously, where the hell is everyone?

Every time the Moose got slow in recent years, I said to myself, “Just wait til election season 2012.” Now here we are and most folks are… uh, where?

I see some of you piddling about with a comment here, a comment there… but… where is everyone? Where is my John? Where is my Holz? Where are you all?

What is happening in everyone’s lives? I know what’s happening in mine. An abridged version: I got dumped, I moved back to my hometown which caused me to lose the job I’d held in my former living situation, and am now working at the first place that would take me… an ophthalmologist’s office. (I absolutely fucking HATE it, in case anyone is wondering.) I am tired and stressed and defeated, but I am alive (enough).

But where… where… where is everyone else?


  1. spacemanspiff

    Applying for residency AND getting married SOON. Alive and kickin (see what I did there old timers?) and missing John specifically like crazy. Everybody else I see here and there. I guess it’s life getting in the way of blogs mostly and social media (twtr, FB) getting peeps to consume info in different ways. The place has always been slow with bursts of unsustainable activity. I worry sometimes that this Moose will get stuffed and showcased in some 3rd rate blog museum. What I do know is that I’ll be able to contact those I want when I want with very little trouble at all. Friends for the long haul even if the Moose eventually kicks bucket.  

    p.s. Love ya sricki.  

  2. fogiv

    Ann Romney earlier this year at a private fundraiser described Mitt Romney as the “grown-up” the country needs to repair the economy and prevent an economic collapse in the style of Greece.

    “You know – the ship’s going over the waterfall; it’s almost there,” the former Massachusetts first lady said in March at a private fundraiser in Orange County, Calif., according to audio obtained by Mother Jones and published Monday. “And we look what’s happening in Greece, and we look what’s happening around the world, we look what’s happening internationally. This is a frightening world, and we need a grown-up, and we need someone that understands the economy. So I’m glad Mitt is grown-up to you all.”

    ’cause obama’s just a ‘boy’, i guess.

    who fucking talks like that?  jeez.

  3. thatpurplestuff

    Hey sricki sorry to hear about the tough times you’ve been having… keep your head up I’m sure things will turn around!

    I graduated, got married, got a job designing outdoor advertising and overall I really can’t complain.  I still follow politics fairly closely, but I disengaged quite a bit simply because it was completely stressing me out.

    One fun thing I’ve done is build a Skeeball machine from scratch (well, it’s mostly done but still not 100% finished) along with creating the custom software for it… but other than that I’ve been pretty boring over the last few years.

    This election season I guess has brought me out of the woodwork and I’ve been obsessively watching the polls for the last month or so… I definitely lurk every once in a while but I’ve never had anything interesting to post (not that this post is terribly interesting either haha).

    I’m rambling now but I’m glad to see so many familiar names keeping up the good fight!

  4. At the TCIPG conference at the University of Illinois.

    Very interesting things going on, still putting together things by hand with incredible challenges. Would say more but my power supply is at home in TN and I need to whip up some slides for tomorrow.

    A few friends ran an exercise and found a half million industrial systems connected to the Internet. Working through that (or beginning to) by putting together a coalition of private sector folks.

    Be good, Srickimine, life works out in the end (and along the way). Worry not.

  5. DTOzone

    The situation in NYC right is…well not good.

    I have power, but lights are flickering. Manhattan is dark and flooded. Water came up higher than anyone expected. The situation on the Atlantic shores- Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, doesn’t sound good.

    Worse storm I’ve ever seen, far far far worse than Irene.

    But we’re getting through this.

    Hope everyone else is ok.  

  6. Never lost power, just a handful of flickers.  I haven’t gone out yet to look around, but we basically got a love tap rather than the back of Sandy’s hand.

    Farther south, though, the Bay State’s South Shore down into Rhode Island and Connecticut, well, they got hammered bad, from what the regional news network is showing.  

  7. Cheryl Kopec

    I caught this thread and figured I’d chime in. I do tend to get way too embroiled in FB debates that suck up all my online time, but try to at least peek in here once in a while. I spent a solid week with no ‘Net and spotty phone, wound up ditching T-Mobile and going back to Clearwire for wireless and CREDO for phone, but still catching up from that hiatus. I’m also finally teaching myself to sew, which has its ups and downs.

    Hope everyone’s okay in Sandy’s aftermath! Can’t help but wonder where all the climate deniers are now, with their “we can’t afford the catastrophic impact on our economy that we’d have with carbon caps…” Yeah, right.

  8. Strummerson

    Maybe popping in here a bit more often would help you keep spirits up.

    Or sell a relative and come camp out here in Jerusalem for a spell.  It’s certainly a change of scenery…

    And congrats on the nuptials spiff!!!  May you have years of joy together.

  9. rfahey22

    That’s rough, I’m sorry, but it’s a mark of character that you’ve got your head up, and that counts in the grand scheme of things, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.  We all get beaten down by life, it’s all about getting back up.  That’s really the only thing that matters.  We all fight for another day.

    Things are ok on my end, although it’s been a strange couple of months.  I served as an ADA for six months in Brooklyn on on externship from my firm, which was incredibly challenging and rewarding (I was able to help get a few convictions, lost one to a very sleazy defense attorney).  I worked with some of the best people I’ve ever met, it was truly an honor.  When I got back, my firm promptly went bankrupt, which made the papers.  I went with some others to a different firm, so I didn’t lose my job, but it was a very stressful time before everything got sorted out, and a lot of good people did lose their jobs.  And, now that things have settled down a little bit, we have a daughter coming in January.  So, I feel like I’ve aged about 10 years since February or so.

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