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Mark Levin Offers Glimpse Inside GOP Nutshell – Open Thread

My problem is: The takers. The takers. Maybe they should take less. Why do we create more and more programs for the takers? Why are they the constant subject of our existence? Why are they the constant priority of our economy? The takers. They’re never asked to give back anything.


So what we need to do, ladies and gentlemen, is generate more revenues. How do we do it? We steal it. That’s how, we just take it from the rich. And who are the rich? Millionaires and billionaires who aren’t millionaires and billionaires. Small businesses, mostly. We just take it.


The poor are selfish and the government mugs innocent givers, presumably, on their behalf.  That’s right.  The American people steal from contributors to feed the selfish parasites who only care about themselves.  And we do so obsessively.  If we would just forget about the needy and ignore them…


  1. fogiv

    that belief is pretty much at the root of their ideology. that dipshit just lays it bare. this helps:

    A  new study published in the Proceedings of that National Academy of Sciences found that wealthier people  were more apt to behave  unethically than those who had less money.

    Scientists at  the University of California at Berkeley analyzed a person’s rank in society (measured by wealth, occupational prestige and education) and found that those who were richer were more likely to cheat, lie and break the law than those who were poorer.

    “We found that it is much more prevalent for people in the higher ranks of society to see  greed and self-interest … as  good pursuits,” said Paul Piff, lead author of the study and a doctoral candidate at Berkeley. “This resonates with a lot of current events these days.”

    additionally, the GOP has long been successful in getting a wide swath of the have-less to blame the have-nots, because you know, if it weren’t for them the have-less would surely have-more. our politics are just a symptom of our american cultural sickness.  

  2. fogiv

    look out your window, strummy!  who’s gonna win MI today?  i’m going crazy with anticipation out here on the left coast. where’s gandalf? what’s the vibe?

    feed me seymour(s)!

    any thoughts on AZ? it’s based on exactly nothing, but something is making me feel like it’s going to be closer there than current polling is indicating.

  3. I was reading the comments on the story about Franklin Graham tepidly half-assedly (“I regret any comments I have ever made which may have cast any doubt on the personal faith of our president, Mr. Obama.”) walking back his nasty insinuations about President Obama’s religious beliefs:

    In a television interview last week that provoked huge media attention, Graham appeared to question the sincerity of Obama’s Christian commitment.

    “You have to ask him,” Graham said, pondering whether Obama is Christian. “I cannot ask [sic; answer?] that question for anybody.”

    In the  February 21 interview on MSNBC, Graham repeated earlier statements about Obama’s ties to Islam, while denying that the president is a Muslim.

    “Under Islamic law – Sharia law – Islam sees him as a son of Islam,” Graham said. “Because his father was a Muslim, his grandfather was a Muslim. … That’s just the way it works.”

    and came across this thoughtful exegesis:


    Mr. Graham,

    Your apology is not accepted by me. It is too equivocal and tepid for a man of God. It gives you too much room to appeal to your base of followers who need demons to promote their “faith”.

    Let’s make this perfectly clear:

    1. You claim to be a follower of Jesus’ teaching.

    2. Jesus spent all of his ministry teaching you to treat your neighbor in the same way that you would want to be treated; invited you to take notice of the plank in your eye, not to cast the first stione, to turn the other cheek.

    3. Jesus invited you to be “born again”. That is, he made it clear that human beings have two natures, a primitive impulsive instinctive nature and a higher reasoning nature. It is the higher reasoning nature that he asked you to utilize, not your primitive impulsive nature: again, turning the other cheek, etc, all of which requires the use of your higher reasoning abilities.

    4. You, and most so called followers of Jesus’ teachings, continue to act impulsively with your primitive animal nature. You never stop to think about the plank in your own eye.

    5. You act out of your primitive nature because it allows you to easily capture “souls” and money for your ministries and provides you with the “narcissistc supply” which you emtotionally need to comfort your primitive animal ego.

    6. You understand very well that your followers will not, because they are not “born again”, follow you if you try to engage them in the higher reasoning which Jesus invited you to utilize. Jesus, himself, was so very concerned about the “flocks” ability to reason that he resorted to the use of metaphors in hopes that they might understand. They have not. You have not.

    7. Your followers utilize only their primnitive animal natures. They live every day of their lives in fear, in poverty, have only been taught that if the “just believe” they will go to heaven and be with Jesus – a deliberate distraction away from Jesus’ real teachings. They are more easiliy led if they focus on this fear of going to hell.

    8. You like Mr. Romney and Mr. Hitler (I do not believe you are a Hitler only pointing out that the most imfamous dictators understood the primitive natures and how to take advantage) fully understand that you will succeed in capturing converts only if you appeal to their primitive fears.

    9. You need to take a hard look at yourself, maybe consult a psychologist to help you understand what moves you. Maybe then you will come closer to being “born again”. (I make no judgment – I only point to the evidence) I have seen you resort to your primitive animal nature too many times to believe that you have ever fully understood Jesus’ teachings.

    February 29, 2012 at 11:35 am | Report abuse | Reply

  4. fogiv

    so says some paultroon knucklehead I went to HS with:

    Our precinct was only 10 people all of whom were Romney supporters, we were allowed two delegates, they actually voted for my husband to be a delegate even though we support Ron Paul!!!! They didn’t understand- their loss, Paul gains!!!!

    She live’s in WA now.  lulz

    Tampa here we come!  The GOP convention could be ‘interesting’.

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