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Bucket Attacks 'Dear Leader's' Foot, Triumphs – OPEN THREAD

In other words, North Korea’s Kim Jong-il has died. Dead. Bought farm, bit dust, cashed in, shuffled coil, croaked, given up the ghost, dirt nap, big sleep, teats up, sleeping with fishes, joined the choir invisible, pushing daisies, belly up, departed, boarded death’s little black train, danced last dance, worm food dead.


…and the world just got a little bit better for it. Is the heir equally as squirrel-turd nutty as Dear Leader? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.  Jump the flip for some lulz trivia about Kim Jong-il.  Otherwise, it’s an OPEN THREAD, so knock yourself out.

Did you know?

North Korean schools teach children that Jong-il’s birth was “supernatural.” He was born in a log cabin inside a secret base on the sacred Mt. Paekdu, the story goes, and his arrival was accompanied by the apparition of a new star. The seasons then spontaneously changed from winter to spring, and a double-rainbow appeared, followed by a talking iceberg.


Jong-il long claimed to be the world’s greatest golfer. In 1994, Pyongyang media reported that he shot 38 under par on a regulation 18-hole golf course, including 5 holes in one.


Kijong-Dong is a city built in the 1950s by Kim’s father, set on the border as an example to South Korea of their superiority. No one lives there, but every effort was made to make it function like an actual city. The buildings have no glass in the windows and no rooms: They are just concrete shells. It’s also home to the world’s largest flagpole.

State textbooks claim Jong-il does not produce urine or feces.


  1. Which was where I was when the news hit.

    There was a lot of dire, but to be honest, my take is increased vigilance on the part of South Korea, and China, and In Vladivostok. Folks are going to be ready for a starving bunch of Army types or refugees. China is going to be ready for either, Japan is going to be nervous, and until we see how the new power structure shakes out, I think the safest jobs in the nation will be low level government functions and ditch diggers who are going to be pressed to making some graves, and we are going to hear about several illnesses, accidents, and retirements to the country.

  2. CNN Poll: Gingrich lead gone, dead even with Romney

    Posted by

    CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser

    Washington (CNN) – Newt Gingrich’s lead in the race for the GOP presidential nomination has evaporated, according to a new national survey.

    A CNN/ORC International Poll released Monday indicates that 28% of Republicans and independents who lean towards the GOP say the former House speaker is their choice for their party’s nominee, with an equal amount supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. In CNN’s previous national poll, conducted last month, Gingrich held a 24%-20% margin over Romney. And Gingrich’s lead over the rest of the field of candidates was even larger in other surveys conducted at the beginning of this month



  3. The world is indeed a little bit better.

    Miserable dead little punk.

    My heartfelt wishes for the people of North Korea. It is unlikely that this will bring any real immediate relief. The Great Successor does not show great promise and I foresee troubled times ahead.

    With great opportunity comes great risk.

  4. fogiv

    Sarah Palin says it’s not too late for someone to jump into the Republican presidential race.

    Asked by Fox Business Network’s “Follow the Money” about the likelihood that she’d become a candidate, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee said it’s not too late for “folks” to jump in. Said Palin: “Who knows what will happen in the future.”

  5. virginislandsguy

    I was on a baht bus in Pattaya Thailand a year ago with a couple of young American guys visiting from South Korea. They struck me as military officers. They told me that LG had a huge factory in N. Korea that nobody was talking about. Interesting.

  6. Rashaverak

    That is certainly true now.

    (Repeat a lie often enough….)

    Doe the state textbook provide an explanation for this whopper?

  7. Rashaverak

    I see that we now have a wider range of choices.  In addition to Fail, Meh, and Fierce, we now have Unproductive (to the right of Meh) and Excellent (to the right of Fierce).

    Excellent is furthest to the right.

    Is this sublimininable (as Dubya wud say) political indoctrination?

    Ron Paul is Excellent!

    Is Mitt Romney Unproductive, or Meh, or does he Fail?


    I have gone back and uprated my previously dispensed Fierces to Excellents.

  8. fogiv

    was the Earl of Orange foiled by the skullduggery of Prince Can’t?  The Earl of teh Turtle left the round table thinking a deal was struck, obviously that wasn’t trufacts.  ruh-roh.

    hey, how ’bout that GOP brand?


  9. fogiv

    …North Korea claimed Kim’s death generated a series of spectacular natural phenomena, creating a mysterious glow atop a revered mountain, cracking a sheet of ice on a lake with a loud roar and inspiring a crane to circle a statue of the nation’s founder before perching in a tree and drooping its head in sorrow.

  10. HappyinVT

    chicken tortilla soup first (got 2 lbs of chicken to use because I never remember to separate before freezing).  Decided in a flurry of productivity to make both at sort of the same time.  Hope I don’t get confused; I owe the chicken that much.

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