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The Lounge: Anybody Else Miss Richard Pryor?


Fair warning comedians swear.

I’ve been musing a lot lately over the petty and not so petty racial insults Barack Obama has had to endure over these last few years and missing Richard Pryor. Chris Rock you say? Chris is cool, but he doesn’t quite have the voice. Wanda, Aries, those comedy kings? Loves them, but could they do this?  As I’ve thought  about it lately I miss him even more.  I wonder how the idea of ARE YOU CALLING ME A RACIST would have stood up to someone who didn’t mind saying YES!

Paul Mooney? Yeah he could do it, but he’s always been too dangerous for the American mainstream.

Bill Hicks? I didn’t know I missed him until he was gone


So you guys have read My American Album?  You know I got a white bro right?  Ok, so we’ve had our asses stomped into the Mississippi mud together by  White kids and Black kids, but it was always cause dude wanted to be Chip.  I remember a time we got our behinds handed to us by the Black side, and ok they were girls too, but they were older!  Anyway my beloved “Chip” wants to drop some snark, I says no “Chip” NO! When she said say it again.  Now I really can’t tell if it was because he was White or just stupid.  Meh better go with the simple explanation, stupid.

Ok MOOOOOOOSE, here’s what we’re going to do.  We’re going to in honor of Richard Pryor put up some jokes.  It’s an open thread so if you want to tell some go ahead.  


  1. anna shane

    once this guy my sister was dating got stopped, and he had a restricted license, but he wasn’t wearing his glasses, and the cop goes, where are your glasses, and he says I have a prescription windshield.  

    and once this guy Lornie, he has a speeding ticket he didn’t pay and he has to see the judge and he says to the judge, I paid it, so only think I can think, your honor, is the garbage thing is right next to the postbox and I must have put it in the wrong box.  

    two white guys, clearly.  

    But things are ‘changing,’ more white guys are being arrested, and way more black guys.  It’s scary out there.  Our comedians speak truth.

    Remember Colbert’s routine in front of Bush at the wh correspondent’s dinner? He’ll alway be my hero for that one.  

  2. And my friend and collaborator Lenny Henry did a brilliant documentary about him: can’t find the youtube of that. But here’s one, from many moons ago, of him doing a impersonation of Richard Pryor (among otheres) around 5 mins

    He talks about how he always wanted to be Richard Pryor for many years here

  3. Shaun Appleby

    Yeah.  And Lenny Bruce:

    If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.

    Lenny Bruce

    It’s not actually funny, and yet we laugh.

  4. Chris is cool, but he doesn’t quite have the voice.

    Chris is incredibly cool from time to time. He’s a very interesting individual and when he is on he’s on fire, but he is no Richard Pryor.

    Growing up with Pryor I was used to having him around, and I was surprised to learn how revered he was by other comedians.

    The man was simply epic.

  5. bubbanomics

    But perhaps his best effort was the show he built on his free-basing accident.  “I dipped the cookie in the milk and shit blew up!”  And describing the therapy…it was amazing he could make you cringe, cry, and LOL simultaneously.  

  6. Sarea

    I miss Dave Chappelle too.  He would have done a great President Obama impersonation.  Too bad his show is no longer on the air.  

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