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Did anyone see Bill Clinton on the TV this morning with Christine Amanapour? (or however you spell her name)

We caught the tail end and were glad that we did.

We’re still in Colorado, so TV is limited, as is the WIFI.

And btw, to brag to those in AZ, it’s freaking colder than hell here and we rejoiced that the sun came out today!

We’ve had 3 straight days of rain and snow and hail.

Love when it rains in Arizona, but when it rains here – not so much.

Former President Clinton said something that we’ve never thought about, and believe me, my husband and I discuss politics way too much and think about it way too much.

Bill Clinton said that Republicans ran on attacks and fighting at NOT working together or compromise and they were elected to do just that, and so they are doing just that.

Pretty much he said that we’re going to have to be hurt a lot more before WE THE PEOPLE change things in Washington DC.

Goodness, but it was so good to hear former president Clinton.

And I’ll never forgive Clinton for NAFTA.

My mother used to always say that “they’re all crooks”, and my mother was so right.

My father was a very dominating man, and he came over illegally from Quebec, and served during WWII and even received a purple heart and silver star, yet he never became a legal citizen and every single time that we went over into Canada, he had a very hard time coming back.

As kids, we were stopped for hours on the Ambassador Bridge on the way back from Canada and into Detroit.

My mother’s family came over from Austria, and my mother was born here, and she remembered her parents studying for tests to become American citizens.

My mother never wanted to vote and I remember my father coming home from work and asking her if she was ready to vote and an argument would erupt, with much yelling by my father, and my mother always said to him – “what’s the use because they’re all crooks” – and my father made my mother vote and that turned me off voting for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, because I loved my parents, but my father was so domineering, and I had 2 brothers out of 3 that were gay, and one of those brothers, he tried to beat the gay right out of him.

I used to hide under the bed and I cannot tell you how much that affected me. Not to mention how it screwed up my brother that was beaten with wooden boards and my mother used to ask my dad afterward if there were nails in the board.

I am crying while writing this truth.

I still cry to this day remembering it all.

My father did teach me a lot of things and my father loved me, as the only girl and the youngest in my family.

Even though my father treated my mother as less than him, he pounded into to my head to never let a man rule me and do that to me.

And my brothers hate me for that.

They hated that my father talked to me and told me that men are not better than women – so imagine my life growing up and witnessing different.

I witnessed my father yelling and browbeating my mother to vote, and witnessing my dad beating the hell out of one gay brother, and witnessing my older brother who hates us all.


Families are very complicated things.

I do not know how to say this right or left as the case maybe.

I’ve still got to say, and I know you guys are going to hate me for it, but the Democrats are in on it, too.

We’ve gone beyond whereby the Democratic Party was the party of the working man, whereby the Democrats are weak, which leads to me to believe that they are in on it, too.

Did you ever think in your life time that you’d hear Democrats placing Social Security and Medicare on the table for cuts?

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  1. all politics are local.

    i think part of the problem is that often most of us long for a simper time where things were better, where people stood for different things. the problem for me is that when we really think hard about those times, and the reality of what it meant to be then… well – its not so much better.

    what a great diary this is. so simple, yet so revealing.

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