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Thoughts on the End of the Boycott

1. It succeeded. Page counts.

2. I’m not sure I’ll go back. Avoid meta, hiddens. Too toxic

3. Most people will welcome you back. Missed you. A tiny If we’re met with a wall of hostility. Make this clear

I might cross post. The main thing will be: the Boycott was a success. No one thought so many lurkers would follow. It highlighted an issue graphically. I will write to those who don’t want to return: I completely understand. Once you’re out of the hate, you feel like your life is revived. The air is clearer.

For those going back; the majority who believe in diverse debate will welcome you back. If you are met with hostility from some, then they aren’t progressives or really liberals. What liberal or progressive jeers at strikers when they return to work, or marchers when they leave their sit in?  Progressives support collective action, even if they don’t join in a particular demo.

If you’re met with hostility and sneers, these people are defining themselves as non inclusive, as anti progressive, as people who don’t believe in a broad tent and group organisation. These people are doing you a favour. They are revealing their true motives. And that’s the great thing about collective struggle, Realities are made clea

We long time Moosers may have supported the boycott, but did so spontaneously last Sunday. None of us planned it. All of us were amazed how many of you came over to the Moose. But we’re not in competition with Kos, a small homely blog like this could be any kind of replacement.

Final note: many cross post, including a senior DKos front pager, criticise the tone of debate in recent months, but not the site itself.

One comment a whole conspiracy among hundreds of Moosers to destroy DKos. I believe the comment was misconstrued and misrepresented. Anyone can read this public blog and see it’s total tosh. I’ll just repeat

So have a good return those of you who venture back. I hope you’ll always consider the Moose your  home in the countryside, somewhere you can come and meet friends down the local pub, and always have a civil and interesting debate. If you don’t come back, we’ll understand but miss ya. If you do, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Thanks for this week. It’s been a ball.