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A quick introduction


I’m yet another newbie to Motley Moose who is coming here to get a way from DailyKos. I’m hoping that indeed there is discussion here without the meanness and pettiness that has taken over at GOS.

What has caused me to leave after many years there? I was close to completely leaving at several points during the last year. I had at one point decided to leave, but was cajoled by the people in Kosability to remain and just hang out in the community.

That worked for a while, but two events in the last couple of weeks changed my mind. The first is, of course, the purge and the resultant call for the boycott. Second, I was really offended when front pager Joan wrote a hair-on-fire front page article about how Obama is out to destroy SSI and that a congressional report proves it. When it was pointed out that the report actually presented the opposite conclusion to the one she had made, nothing happened except more diaries that followed that still had that glaring error. No acknowledgement was made to the many comments that pointed out the error, no apologies for her error, nothing. I ended up sending a message to her, but when nothing happened from that, and the results of the purge became evident, it was time to get out. Not only am I not providing the clicks to the site, but I was a subscriber and finally gave up on that.

What is strange is that somehow I still have five bars of mojo, I assume because I had a couple of diaries at the end that indicated my displeasure with the site and my support of the proposed boycott.

Due to a post at ThePeoplesView today, I did make one last trip over to DK, where I verified my mojo but also verified the negativity and all the isms that have been plaguing the site of late. While I may occasionally wander over to continue to read Kosability, I just can’t deal with so much of what is happening there any more.

Sorry that this isn’t as quick an introduction as I’d planned, but I guess it is important for the Moose to understand where I’m coming from. I’m happy to see so many familiar names here today as I found this site. I hope that I can contribute something to the site as well.


  1. trs

    As far as mojo, I’ve made less than 50 comments there since late April, have posted no diaries, and I still had 5 bars as of last Sunday. Go figure.

  2. Kysen

    We have indeed had a fair number of folks find their way to the Moose during the dKos boycott.

    There are many reasons that folks decided to support, perhaps as many reasons as supporters. Whether folks are here for a week, a month, or permanently…they are equally welcome. However, it is important to note that many (if not most) of the boycott supporters will be returning to dKos come week’s end.

    Lots of Moose are also Kossacks (and many Kossacks are also Moose)…and this has been the case from the beginnings of the Moose.

    The dKos community are Moose allies…and many Moose are members of that community. One of our long time members is a Front Page writer both here on the Moose and on dKos.

    So, for the vast most part, we try to leave the goings on of other blogs at the door.

    The Moose is a safe harbor…so, grab a comfy chair and make yourself at home. You will find yourself in the company of friends…both old and new.

    If you have any questions, ask in any active thread (or use the Contact the Moose link at the bottom of the page).

    Insider’s Guide to Motley Moose

  3. spacemanspiff

    I enjoy talking smack about the frustrati keyboard commandos on GOS when the moment presents itself (among other things, check out my bio). I also think most of them need hobbies and/or jobs. Welcome and I like your style!

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