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Insomniacs Venthole with Craig Ferguson

Please read and follow instructions before opening.  Or consult your physician.

SPOILER WARNING: A latenight gathering for non-serious palaver that does not speak of that night’s show. Posting a spoiler will get you brollywhacked. You don’t want that to happen to you.


This vent-hole (hereinafter known as IVH), if lost or stolen will not be replaced or purchase price refunded. Violation of IVH rules will result in expulsion without refund. A copy of IVH rules can be obtained from one or more members wearing tie-dyed oxford shirts after written requests.

Admission to certain functions within the IVH may require additional innuendo, enter at your own risk. Frivolity and silliness are highly recommended for all riders. Flamewars are expressly forbidden and political ranting is strongly discouraged.

Please consult your counselor, magistrate or religious functionary before usage. Comment below if you agree with said terms.

  Good evening Venthooligans and Moosketeers. Craigs guest’s tonight are Julianna Margulies, Comedian Joe Wong and musical guests Lady Antebellum.

There’s no videos up from last nights show, so here’s Friday nights show, sorry if ya’ll have already seen them. For those unfamiliar with the Venthole, please read the instructions.


    • sricki

      thank ya muchly for the welcome, though I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else (quite easy to do on dKos imo). I’ve never been involved with JNI, but I have written for several other groups (mostly Mental Health Awareness and SciTech). So you’ve likely seen me around. 😉

  1. fogiv

    i don’t think i ever wandered into IVH over at GOS, and I can see now how grievously repeating error that was.  consider ‘sheesham and lotus’ my apology:

  2. Drewid

    read about that planet they found only 35 light years away, that is 3 and a half times as big as Earth in the goldilocks zone? I’d totally sign up to be frozen until they can properly settle me there.

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