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And now for something completely different

I’m stressed out, worn out, hollowed out by the debt ceiling/deficit drama.

I’m bummed out, grossed out, skeeved out by the monstrous fools and poltroons running this country headlong into disaster.

I’m checking out of caring about the whole hideous horror show for a while.  Got to recharge, refresh, reanimate the spirit before taking up the fight once more.

I’m going to the beach.

And not just any beach — the winter beach.  Vast, serene, cool, capacious, spreading its ephemeral dance floor for any who brave the chill winds of winter to explore it.

I walk up the boardwalk crossing the dunes, and there before me sweeps the beach — quiet, sparsely peopled, peaceful.

First view

Even the waves stroking the shore are muted today.

Waves lapping

The sand stretches out before me, limitless (or so it seems), calling to me to go onward, onward.

Low tide

Horses and dogs, verboten from April through September, are welcome, and their humans make the most of that temporary liberty.

Three, two, three, three

Sometimes other critters haul onto the beach too.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh…………… So peaceful, so relaxing, so mutedly soothing is the winter beach.

Wading in the tide pool

The dune faces are at once eternal and ephemeral, dancing with wind and wave to and fro, now here, now there, now growing, now vanishing.

The dunes behind the beach

Flotsam rides stormy seas to land, lies stranded awhile, then on another storm surge vanishes back into the waters that hurled it forth.


Rocky headlands scatter stones into the sand.

At the base of Steep Hill

The stones defy the sea, though in time they too will wash away.

Facing the waves

Fluff and foam, wavelets lapping feebly against rock, easily repulsed yet in the vastly long run triumphant.


There’s a special quality to the light over the ocean and its shore, in good weather and in bad.

People are drawn to the winter beach, undeterred by the cold sharp wind that rules it.  They walk, they dig holes, they play fetch with dogs, they simply sit or stand and contemplate the ocean.

Yes, I think I’ll go back to the winter beach for a while, walk away from all the madness, let the serenity fill my soul.


  1. New England? Maine?

    Galloping down a frosty beach on a large horse…. something I haven’t done for three years.

    But if freedom could be expressed in one image, it could be expressed in that.

    (Or eating outside in an Italian restaurant with a woman I love, knowing I’m taking her home)

  2. HappyinVT

    Some of us have to work, you know.  B*tch!  🙂  🙂

    You saw a seal?!  Man.  I wanna go there!!!

  3. jsfox

    of Crane’s beach. Young love etc etc. Yet I have to admit my favorite North Shore beach is Singing Beach in Manchester.  When I lived in Marblehead during my teens the challenge was parking and where we could park close to the beach without getting a ticket.

    We finally got pretty good at figuring out who was away and parking in driveways on the homes that abutted the beach. Then my folks moved to Smith’s point, a block from the beach and problem was solved 🙂

    Singing Beach

  4. Well, we were, weren’t we?

    Here I am!  First, over a decade ago, on my first horse, my wonderful Qaurter Horse Nick, now gone to his rest:

    On the beach with Nick

    On my Thoroughbred Ben, a few years ago (my companion was having too much trouble with her horse to take my camera, alas):


    And a year and a half ago, on my little Morgan, now 21 years old and still feisty:

    Three good safe sensible horses, unfazed by all the distractions and horse-menacing terrors of the beach; three rides, in all the years I’ve lived here; no trailer and no beach-going rider friend with trailer.  Sniffle.

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