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A Whale of a Fail ~ Open Thread


I don’t seem to have much to contribute by way of deep meaningful posts but, OMG!, I had to share some of the goodness I found via The Mudflats.

Okay, so Sarah goes on a campaign vacation tour of historical American sites.  She’s asked a gotcha question from the lamestream media:

“What have you seen so far today, and what are you going to take away from your visit?”

(Thank you Little Green Footballs for the quote.)

Her response has been widely mocked while her fans tried to get Paul Revere’s wiki page updated to reflect the new history of this famous ride.

Twitter, being good for things other than sending junk shots, has the hashtag (I still don’t understand how those work exactly) to celebrate Palin’s whale fail:  #palinhistory.

Below are some samples:

@DCdebbie: The Trail of Tears was John Boehner’s courageous tour of golf country clubs w/ lobbyists on his campaign trail. #PalinHistory

@CranialDecay: “During the Cold War,President Ronald Reagan told China to “Tear down this wall.”.” #PalinHistory

@Reilly4Sanity:  Americans should remember the Alamo because Texans died for the right to upgrade to a mid-size rental. #Palinhistory

@HCookAustin: Palin Thinks “Roe versus Wade” were George Washington’s two choices for how to get across the Delaware River. #PalinHistory

@shutterblog: Columbus discovered America with his Nana, in a Pinto, near Santa Monica. #PalinHistory

@ninatypewriter: Tel Aviv is Israel’s biggest telephone company. #PalinHistory

@jawillie: The League of Nations consisted of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the Wonder Twins. #PalinHistory

@GottaLaff: I got lost trying to find Gettysburg Address. Should’ve used GPS. #PalinHistory

@shannynmoore: RT @Melangie: The Bay of Pigs happened when Noah’s Ark hit a sandbar on they way to Gilligan’s Island #PalinHistory

@lizzwinstead: Sarah Palin says soldiers were thankful for Spanx during The Battle of the Bulge #PalinHistory

I’m sorry, that’s some funny stuff.  Take this opportunity to think of your own or talk about Pawlenty’s stirring economic speech from today.  Or you could talk about Ed Rollins calling Palin “unserious.”  Ohhhhh, ouch!  Or Herman Cain planning on a three-page maximum for legislation.  Or whatever…

OMG! Part 2 ~ I forgot one of the funniest things:

Teach Sarah Palin a History Lesson

During her bus tour, Sarah Palin was yammerin’ away to reporters about how Paul Revere rode through the streets, ringin’ a bell to warn the British to stay away and keep their red-coated hands off Americans’ guns. Huh? That’s certainly not the historical account WE remember.

If Sarah Palin’s going to be a presidential candidate, she needs to bone up on her American history, and we’re ready to help. We’re going to send her a copy of “A Picture Book of Paul Revere.” Would you like to help? Add your name, and we’ll be sure Sarah has you to thank for her newfound knowledge.


  1. HappyinVT

    Wisconsin’s Republican lawmakers re-opened the fight over collective bargaining rights Friday, proposing new police and firefighters pay more for their health insurance and pension benefits.

    The change, approved by the Republican-controlled budget committee on an 11-4 party line vote, would force some police and firefighters to make the same contributions toward their benefits as other public workers under a bill pushed by Gov. Scott Walker and passed by the Legislature in March.


    The change added to the budget Friday by the Joint Finance Committee deals only with police and firefighters. It would force new hires to pay 5.8 percent of their pension benefits and 12 percent of their health care costs, just like other public workers under the bill passed earlier.

    It would also forbid collective bargaining on the design and choice of health insurance coverage plans for police and firefighters, although the cost could still be negotiated.

    That was sarcasm, by the way.

  2. DTOzone

    The Republicans WON’T let the country go into default?

    This also irked me about the left…Republicans are supposed to be shameless people who can’t be reasoned with, yet somehow Obama was supposed to entice them to vote for a bigger stimulus.  

  3. HappyinVT

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) plans to attend a Glenn Beck rally in Jerusalem.

    “The idea of the ‘Restoring Courage’ gathering in Jerusalem is an important idea and a very constructive one at a very important time for Israel,” Lieberman said in a video posted on the right wing talk show provocatuer’s website this week. “It’s not against anybody or any group, it’s to stand with Israel at a time when a lot of the rest of the world is attempting to delegitimize Israel.”


    Lieberman and Beck have been close since the talk show host moved to Connecticut in the 1990s. Lieberman was the first Jew to appear on a national presidential ticket when Al Gore selected him as his running mate in 2000

  4. virginislandsguy

    was wondering:

    is there a special term for a group of Moose?  You know – like a “raft of swans”  or a “gaggle” of geese?

    Unfortunately, the term is the prosaic “herd of moose”.

    This aggression will not stand, man.

    So I am suggesting a bloog of moose. This is a mashup of blog, the double-o of moose and Droog from A Clockwork Orange just because.

    Any other suggestions?

  5. HappyinVT

    always “deep and meaningful.”  Good thing my self-esteem isn’t tied too deeply to this blog.


  6. HappyinVT

    Mitt Romney Takes GOP Friendly Fire in Michigan:

    Mitt Romney’s got enough to worry about without this: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) is holding a rally Wednesday to accuse Romney of basically being exactly the same as Barack Obama.


    McCotter, home for recess, scheduled his own Detroit-area rally Wednesday to coincide with Romney’s Michigan visit. The event was announced by his congressional staff as a “harsh welcome” for Romney. The title of the gathering is “Discussion Economy, Jobs and the Mitt Romney-Obama Ticket.”

    Of course, with incredible logic, McCotter has Obama and Romeny, from opposite sides of the auto bailout, as being essentially the same.  Huh.

  7. DTOzone

    On raising the Debt Limit, 24% say it should be raised, 69% say don’t do it.

    Is this country really this stupid?

    Is that a rhetorical question?  

  8. DTOzone

    White House is looking at a former banker for the Consumer Protection Agency

    A man named Raj Date

    Sucking Wall Street cock again…wait…wha…he’s an aide to Elizabeth Warren?!?…well he must’ve been put there by Wall Street Obama people…no?…well…um…maybe Warren was wron…wha?…consumer protection advocates speak highly of him…but he…he was…banks…Wall Street…bankster…does…not…compute


    kinda like this, except in English, though it’s fucking hysterical in Spanish

  9. HappyinVT

    Pawlenty’s Economic Plan Cuts Taxes For Millionaires By 41 Percent

    2012 presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty (R) yesterday laid out his economic “plan,” which is based around huge tax cuts that Pawlenty claims will spark a decade of 5 percent GDP growth, even though growth staying at that rate for that long has literally never occurred in America. As Michael Linden noted, Pawlenty’s tax plan would cost $7.8 trillion over ten years, triple the size of the Bush tax cuts.


    new analysis from Citizens for Tax Justice shows, in addition to being outrageously expensive, Pawlenty’s tax plan is based on the Republican brand of class warfare – giving millionaires huge tax breaks:

       – Taxpayers with incomes in excess of $1 million would enjoy an average cut in personal income taxes of $288,822, a 41.4 percent cut.

       – Taxpayers with incomes in excess of $10 million would enjoy an average cut in personal income taxes of $2.4 million, a 46.3 percent cut.

       – The cost of the personal income tax cuts just for taxpayers with incomes in excess of $1 million would be $141.8 billion.

    And that’s just for Pawlenty’s income tax plan. He has also proposed eliminating the capital gains and estate taxes entirely, two moves which would overwhelmingly benefit the very richest Americans.

    Because the Bush tax cuts have worked soooooo well.  And, even GOP economists are killing this plan.

  10. spacemanspiff

    He used the race card in order to win an election.

    It was at this point that Weiner’s campaign decided to blanket the district with leaflets attacking his opponents. But these were no ordinary campaign attacks: They played the race card, and at a very sensitive time. They were also anonymous.

    Just weeks earlier, the Crown Heights riot — a deadly, days-long affair that brought to the surface long-standing tension between the area’s black and Jewish populations — had played out a few miles away from the 48th District. The episode had gripped all of New York and had been national news. It was just days after order had been restored that Weiner’s campaign distributed its anonymous leaflets, which linked Cohen — whose voters he was targeting in particular — to Jesse Jackson and David Dinkins, who was then New York’s mayor. It is hard to imagine two more-hated political figures in the 48th District at that moment. Jackson just a few years earlier had called New York “Hymie town,” and it was an article of faith among white voters in Weiner’s part of Brooklyn that Dinkins had protected the black rioters in Crown Heights — and thus endangered the white population — by refusing to order a harsh police crackdown. (Two years later, Dinkins would lose to Rudy Giuliani by an 80-20 percent margin in the 48th District.) The leaflets urged voters to “just say no” to the “Jackson-Dinkins agenda” that Cohen supposedly represented. At City Hall, Dinkins held up the flier and branded it “hateful.”


  11. HappyinVT

    I forgot to mention we’ll have an Obama sighting (Michelle) in Burlington next week.  Unfortunately, tix start at $100 and we don’t get paid until later in the week.  🙁

    Wonder if I can weasel some kind of “press pass.”

  12. DTOzone

    If Weiner’s situation made anybody in Brooklyn happy, it was those who approached politics with the same hard-edged, take-no-prisoners attitude as Weiner did – but from the other side.

    Working on a boat along the Sheepshead Bay waterfront, Tony Santella is a Republican with a variety of opinions about Weiner. Most involve expletives: “I hated that [bleep] before.”

    “Me? Me?” said Santella, a grizzled man in his 40s. He was incredulous about the picture that Weiner allegedly sent to a woman, in which he held up a piece of paper that said “Me.”

    “I was so happy,” Santella said.

  13. Shaun Appleby

    Jon Stewart on Weiner’s apology to Bill Clinton, “What?  What did he apologise for copyright infringement?”  Now, that was funny.

  14. DTOzone

    A large majority of Americans say the U.S. economy would probably suffer serious harm if Congress fails to give the federal government more borrowing authority. But barely half support raising the government’s debt limit, even if lawmakers also sharply cut spending.

    and guess who is least supportive of it

    A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 55 percent of Democrats and half of Republicans and independents support a debt-limit deal that includes a steep reduction in the size of government. But 37 percent of Republicans, a third of independents and nearly a fifth of Democrats say they are against raising the debt limit, under any circumstances.

    Who else thinks we need Democrats to act like Democrats?


  15. DTOzone

    However, while most agree that the economy might suffer serious harm, many seniors like me feel guilty and disgusted that we are passing this down to our children and grandchildren.

    Sometimes, it really makes it hard to care about people’s well beings. Why shouldn’t I just say “ok, fine, no Social Security for you, more Abercrombie and Fitch jeans for me!”  

  16. virginislandsguy

    Newt Gingrichs top 2 dozen aides resigned en masse today. According to the NYT, they were upset about a few things:

    Mr. Gingrich’s senior strategists confronted him on Thursday after he returned from a two-week vacation with his wife, Callista, which included a cruise through the Greek isles.

    aides chastised him for lacking the discipline to run a focused presidential campaign

    His aides described him and Mrs. Gingrich as not doing enough to dedicate themselves to the hard work and the unglamorous aspects of running for president.

    Several advisers pleaded with Mr. Gingrich not to go on the vacation trip, an aide said, but Mrs. Gingrich wanted to go. The aide, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the internal workings of the campaign, said, “We have a spouse who controls the schedule.”

    In a three-day swing through Iowa last month, Mr. Gingrich spent $40,000 on a chartered Citation 10 jet, the aide said. Despite the free spending, money was tight

    He also struggled to answer questions about why he and his wife had a line of credit of up to $500,000 for jewelry purchased at Tiffany & Company.

    Stick a fork in, he’s done. (It’s funny that some pundits thought his wife would be a campaign asset.)

    And some of those key aides signed on with Gov. Rick Perry, who is hinting at a Pres. Primary run. I don’t think he’ll run because of some scuttlebutt I have read. Because they are rumors, I won’t repeat them. But word is reporters in Dallas and Austin are sitting on thinly sourced stories that they will publish if Perry goes national.

  17. Jjc2008

    (a rant I need to make)

    The economy is in the dumps.  

    Public employees are getting the blame for what a bunch of mostly white, mostly middle aged men on Wall Street have done out of greed.

    The news ignores the crimes of Wall Street while spending endless hours on being voyeurs of voyeurism and horniness on social media.

    War wages, people are struggling to survive the recession, crime is on the rise and the talking heads give oxygen to the likes of Andrew Breitbart, consider Ann Coulter worthy of an invite to the serious discussions.

    Insanity seems to be the norm these days.  The fact that ANYONE would consider Sharon Angle for the senate, Michelle Bachman for president stuns me.

    While the talking heads cannot stop discussing Weiner’s weiner, sometimes coming off as a middle school group of kids on the news, they totally ignore the reality of what is happening.  I see them giving credence to how horrid Medicare is ignoring the fact that the cost of private health care has grown so much more.

    On another show, the CNN business show, the statistics about teachers were at least honest.   Compared to most teachers starting salary (bottom 25% of earners) is about as low as any….and the top earners average a startling $55000.  Yet teachers are STILL being scapegoated by the likes of Chris Christie (a darling of the media); Rick Scott, Scott Walker…..

    End of rant….

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