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  1. DeniseVelez

    some of those who lay claim to leftist sentiments and ideologies.  They are embracing, and apologizing for poor poor bin Ladin.

    Some have gone over the edge into CT la-la-land.

    Watching to see if any are banned.  

  2. Shaun Appleby

    The planning to secure Pakistani nuclear sites has been compromised a little but in the end it was worth it.  Maybe the “legitimacy” of Pakistan’s military Caliphate has been eroded a little too.  It remains the Gordian knot of South Asian diplomacy.

    The emotional impact is hard to overestimate and it would seem for the good of all concerned.  Frankly I reckon the Stuxnet thing was a bigger risk overall but it keeps the Israelis happy and pretty much neutered Iran for awhile.  Guess the Israeli-Palestine settlement and an accord for Kashmir are next on the agenda.  I wouldn’t bring my chequebook to a poker game with our current president.

    What a way to pave a draw-down of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, eh?  It’s a complex business and frankly I couldn’t conceive of such a promising position at the start of this administration.  Oh…  And an election on the horizon.  Heh.

  3. HappyinVT

    The Associated Press will not be covering Thursday’s Republican presidential debate “because of restrictions placed on media access,” according to an advisory the wire service sent out Wednesday night.

    In the advisory, the news organization said it will boycott the debate because the event’s sponsors, Fox News and the South Carolina Republican Party, “will only allow photos to be taken in the moments ahead of the debate and not during the event itself.”…  

    If you hold a debate and only FNC covers did it really happen?

  4. Shaun Appleby

    This morning and read the account of Obama’s sober visit to lower Manhattan; for the first time in a decade it really feels like one of the darkest periods for America’s collective self-confidence and good-will has ended.

    It has taken a few days for the significance of recent events to really sink in and the timing and tone of the visit to Ground Zero seemed just right.  Things have changed and I welcome it with relief and a sadness I didn’t realise I had been feeling all this time.  Now it is time to move on.

  5. HappyinVT

    to say to The Donald.  Yep, “You’re fired!”  He will not be driving the pace car although he claims it was his decision.

  6. HappyinVT

    * Fox News wants Mike Huckabee, one of the network’s paid employees, to make up his mind about the 2012 presidential campaign. The Republican network has reportedly given Huckabee until the end of May to make a decision.

    At least we’ll know soon.

  7. HappyinVT

    Fourteen-year-old Payton Wall really wanted to meet teen pop heartthrob Justin Bieber. She settled for Barack Obama.

    The Rumson, N.J., teen and her family earned an invitation to Thursday’s wreath-laying ceremony at Ground Zero after writing to the president about how she lost her father in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.

    “Justin Bieber inspired me to share my story,” Payton told Manhattan news website after meeting the president.


    Obama then walked over to the Hall entourage, hugged the girls and shook hands with their mother and kissed her cheek.

    “I was practicing my handshake all day, but he gave me a hug,” Payton told

    “He told us he knows Justin” and that she could meet him some time soon.

    “He said it was an honor to meet us. He’s really cool,” added Avery, according to…  

    The President arranged for the Halls to be at the ceremony after reading Payton’s letter on Monday.  I guess I hope she gets to meet Justin.

  8. I just turned on the tube for a break while I ate a bite, and there is a GOP debate on FOX, but only FOX>

    Is that normal? I thought these things tended to be carried on all channels. Is this a first in a Buy Your Own Party [tm] endeavors?

  9. HappyinVT

    ’cause a Wonketteer responded with:

    Oh Christ, Obama’s gotta take out Kadafi now so Reagan can get the credit he deserves for killing him?


  10. Shaun Appleby

    Has probably done himself a favour tonight but I still count him out.  Johnson seems almost being frozen out by the moderators; he is swimming against a lot of tenets of the party; immigration, abortion and other shibboleths.

    Paul, on the other hand, has probably gotten another incremental boost.  Santorum is an ass.  And listening to Pawlenty talk about “intelligent design” is like finding out your high-school principal is a flat-Earther.  Meh.  And unconvincing.

  11. Shaun Appleby

    Pawlenty just said, “I love Huck.”  Heh.  And then pointed out all his positive qualities while totally misrepresenting who had the “momentum.”  Wishful thinking is not a great executive quality.  But he was very nice.

  12. spacemanspiff

    A blast from the past.

    Texas Darlin – Barack gives Hillary the “finger”

    Even my 74-year old mom took one look at this, and said: he’s giving the finger!

    You can skip the diary. The comments is where the lol’s are.

  13. DTOzone

    really did a number of the media. Having been part of the media during the Bush days, it brought back some really terrible memories of what whores they were for the Bush administration, all wrapped up in their little 9/11 flag waving bubble, the newsrooms became echo chambers for the administration, so afraid of losing ad revenue if they weren’t, so afraid of facing boycotts, and full of reporters who felt they couldn’t be unbiased “at such an important and unique time.”

    I’m glad I got to witness it, but it was really a terrible time, and while it’s only somewhat gotten better, the damage that was done is going to really take a lifetime to fix…if at all.

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