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A Thing of Deft and Civilly Vicious Beauty

I speak, of course, of President Obama’s public evisceration of The Donald last night at the White house Correspondents’ Dinner.

What made it especially delectable was Trump’s grimly not amused presence at that dinner.

What put the sauce on the gander was the camera glommed onto the mogul capturing the silent but seething rage with which he received his whuppin.

I was going to excerpt some of the choicer morsels, but where to start, where to start?  And finally decided, no, just slot in the video and let you wallow in the whole thing.

Here (above)  is the video of the full speech, wherein our magnificent President also slaps down a number of other fools who had it coming.  The Trump part is near the beginning — no, actually, it starts at about 9:30, seguing from the swipe at Mitt Romney.

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  1. fogiv

    pwned that n00b.  POTUS was funny, but watching teh Donald squirm was, with a doubt, my favorite part.

  2. Was watching the clip wherein Seth whatsiname, the designated comic, zinged Obama, and our President reacted with not just grace but genuine delighted amusement at the barbs; at one point I thought he was going to curl into the tabletop, he was laughing so hard.

    The contrast couldn’t have been plainer.

  3. HappyinVT

    lawmakers ~ he can dish it out but cannot take it:

    “It was very good,” was all Trump would say of Obama’s speech as he walked to his car, declining to take any followup questions.

    Inside the room, reports say Trump — who was at the dinner as a guest of the Washington Post — was visibly ticked off by the mocking he took from the podium.

    Trump’s “mood shifted from playing along to unvarnished anger,” New York reported, citing “multiple guests who sat near Trump.” Politico’s Mike Allen wrote Trump “sat stone-faced” during Meyer’s speech.

    The scene “was so awkward that some folks at his table stopped laughing and applauding,” Allen reports.

    He called into Fox and Friends Sunday morning and “blamed” the attention on his poll numbers.

    BTW, WaPo looks stupid for not considering that the President and/or Meyers would go after him.  The President isn’t shy and after the Sykes’ performance last year folks had to know that anyone and everything was fair game.

    (I think my favorite part might actually have been when the President dinged Michele Bachmann about being born in Canada.  He had a bit of “See?  This stuff isn’t so funny when the shoe’s on the other foot” look to him as he finished that bit.)

  4. jsfox

    And my wife came into the room asking what was so damn funny. I said Trump was getting from both barrels and it was priceless.

    The best part was not only the great jokes, but the entire room breaking in whoops and laughter. Nothing like having an entire audience laughing at you Donald.

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