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The Idiocy That Is Mitt Romney

So here’s our good friend Mitt:

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Now, I expect a lot of stupidity from the Republican presidential candidates but today Mitt wrote something that is pretty amazing.

One of my good friends found an interesting Op Ed that speaks to the truth of GOP nonsense:…

Here is the part that proves the point:

Barack Obama is facing a financial emergency on a grander scale. Yet his approach has been to engage in one of the biggest peacetime spending binges in American history. With its failed stimulus package, its grandiose new social programs, its fervor for more taxes and government regulations, and its hostility toward business, the admin-istration has made the debt problem worse, hindered economic recovery and needlessly cost American workers countless jobs.

emphasis mine

So is this how Republicans view war and peace?  Does a major party candidate not think we are at war?  I wonder what our soldiers who are in harm’s way in at least 3 different countries think about that?

The real question is will this get play on the MSM or are we still at IOKIYAR?


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  1. HappyinVT

    Wonder what kind of “walk-back” he’ll try ~ blame it on a typo?  Hope Dems are all over the idiot for this.

    (In other news, Haley Barbour doesn’t have the fire in the belly to be a presidential candidate ~ not that he stood much of a chance, anyway.)

  2. jsfox

    the walk back was much better than the step off the stupid cliff –

    “He meant to say since World War II,” said Romney’s PAC spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom, in an e-mail.

  3. In other words, he’s addressing a bunch of dumb clucks who’ll run squawking happily after whoever panders most shamelessly to their warped worldview.  So what’s truth got to do with it?  The Mittser’s already proved he’ll pander till Cowhamsphire comes home.

  4. spacemanspiff

    Will the Christian right hold this that much against him? I come from a family with strong Baptist roots. It’s a mix of black baptist churches but with a Billy Graham and latino twist. It’s a party up in there. But I do know how important that is to the majority of church goers. If their are other options who are born again Christians it means very little support for Romney. But I’m not sure how he is doing with that God fearing constituency. If it’s close it could be a game changer.  

  5. virginislandsguy

    paraphrase the famous Jim Mora rant:

    What’s that? Ah – Peacetime? Don’t talk about – peacetime? You kidding me? Peacetime?

    They were running about 10 to 1 against, but there was one that I think will get a lot more play:

    According to the Economic Policy Institute, New Hampshire has lost 16,300 jobs due to the outsourcing done by people like Romney’s Bain Capital. That is the highest number proportionately of any state in the United States. Pretty soon we’ll all be flipping burgers. GOP makes jobs all right, just not here.

    Romney’s stint at Bain Capital is a rich vein that remains to be mined come the GE.

  6. jsfox

    The Obama spending binge is also a myth, lie, falsehood.

    Via Chait

    The notion that the Obama administration has presided over a massive spending binge has been repeated so often that the administration doesn’t even bother denying it anymore. Spending has shot up as a percentage of GDP. But, as Paul Krugman explains, virtually the entire phenomenon is an automatic response to the recession rather than any policy change.

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