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  1. Kysen

    Thanks for posting this jsfox.

    This clip is nowhere near as powerful…but, it has been making me laugh for near a week. I think I have posted it somewhere here on the Moose already but am gonna share again cuz…well…just cuz.

    Can’t help but grin when the kid starts groovin’.

    Hope everyone has an equally chill weekend.


  2. Perfect match of form and content

    (who is the rep? Obvious not a Goper!)

    So what’s new given this is an open thread. Well, in the UK, with Islamophobia rife even on Labour minded blogs (had a run it today with some Tory Troll who ‘loathes and detests Islam and had the funniest line “I don’t mind Muslims but I hate Islam”) our PM has been dog whistling to the same crowd with an immigration speech. Our Coalition is in trouble, with the junior partners about to get slaughtered in the May local elections, the economy stalling due to excessive cuts and rises in indirect sales tax.

    Then there’s the amazing story of prevalent Phone Hacking by Murdoch’s key papers here – especially the News of the World. The first police investigation a few years ago was deeply compromised. One of the key investigators retired and joined as Murdoch columnist with a fat fee. He estimated only 9 people had been effected. A new police investigation has suggested a minimum of 91, with a possibly 6,000 celebrities and politicians having had their voice mails hacked. These include a couple of actors I know, the Deputy Prime Minster, and probably Gordon Brown himself.

    None of this would really have come to light had it not been for an NYT investigation. Murdoch has enormous power here, and is known as the ’24th Member of the Cabinet’. These stories of cover up by News International, statements by editors that they regularly ‘paid’ police officers, and extent of this criminal hacking will make it run and run.

    I was talking to a (now retired) celebrity journalist last week and she said everyone was hacking people’s mobile voice mail. She would have done it herself, but just wasn’t that tech savvy.

    So this is a question for Chris: how does that work? Apparently one of the arrested journalists had a list of pin numbers. In the early days of mobile phones, voicemail was protected by a generic pin which most people didn’t change – kinda like the admin password being ‘password’. How did they get altered pin numbers? My guess is through a contact at the phone company, but I guess 4 digits isn’t hard to break on a British museum attack.

  3. spacemanspiff

    Are you fucking kidding me?


    Apparently Obama’s birth certificate would not be official under a new law they want to pass in Arizona. What’s in the water in Arizona?  Don’t want to rag on Arizona only since Donald Trump is pretty worked up about the foreigner in the White House. So this R from the Arizona State House called Carl Seel believes Obama has spent millions in order to keep the truth from coming out. WTF.

  4. HappyinVT

    Really I do.  I mention this because, despite the title of this diary, when I went to watch the video I kept turning up the volume until the rest of the non-blonde hair spoke up.  

    (No offense meant to blondes, truly.  You can feel free to call me the red-headed stepchild ’cause my hair is now red.)

    Btw, were those pages entered into the Congressional Record?

  5. HappyinVT

    on its way to the governor for signature and it barely makes a wave.

    Delaware’s House of Representatives passed the bill that the Senate had already passed and the Governor, Jack Markell, will sign the bill which becomes effective 1/1/2012.

    (I guess the Right is too busy successfully rolling back women’s rights.)

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