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Why I Cannot Vote for Obama – Open Thread

So I received an email from my friend and President Barack Obama this morning.  He has announced his intention to pursue another term as presiding executive of that circus of dysfunctional acrimony that passes for the US government.  I was immediately reminded of the headline in The Onion on the morning following his election: “Black Man Given Worst Job in the World.”  

I have supported Obama since the primaries.  But I can no longer do so.  What kind of nut job would ask for a second helping of what he’s received?  I have come to question his sanity.  Do we really want a pathological masochist with his “finger on the button” to “answer the 3AM call?”

But all jokes aside, if Obama sees this as the moment to begin to mobilize supporters and activists, it seems the right time for us to start discussing the particular challenges that lie ahead, what we think the campaign should do, and what we should do.

How do we get this deranged fool of a president another 4 years of insults, misery and frustration?


  1. jsfox

    The next four years might be different. One the Republicans  will no longer be trying to get him to loose a second term. Two they, I hope, would start trying to look like a viable party as opposed to a collection of off the rails right wing nut jobs.

    Next I seriously think there will be some on the left actively working to get Obama defeated. Why? Because they have some misguided belief that the country needs to completely collapse before voters will embrace a true liberal savior. And then their others who because nirvana wasn’t attained he  deserves to loose.

    So my question how do we defeat the Progressive WATBs and the Republicans.

    OBAMA 2012!


  2. Inoljt

    I tend to discount people who criticize him for not being progressive enough, or in that vein. They’re the same types who said they were 100% opposed when he didn’t put the public option in the health care bill. But when it came time for the House to actually defeat it, they suddenly turned into gigantic supporters.

    I’ll see you in September of 2011, when you inevitably come back to supporting Obama once you see the Republican candidate.

  3. DTOzone

    Not so much the article, just this line

    Say what you want about how Congress forced Obama’s hand today by making it all but impossible to try the 9/11 conspirators in regular Article II courts. The only lesson learned is that Obama’s hand can be forced.

    Wow, you would think there are like checks and balances in our government or something.

  4. Dorothy Rissman

    Motley Moose, Great fun, but it is so true.  I have enough kool-aid to last me for five more years.  I am so saturated with kool-aid, I can hardly move.  

  5. btchakir

    I am terribly unhappy with Obama and his imitation of the Bush Administration.

    However, if he is the Democratic candidate (is anyone challenging him?) and we don’t vote for him and all Congressional colleagues, then we will have a Tea Party President… and if you are unhappy now you will be applying for Canadian citizenship then.

  6. fogiv

    going full-on teabag on my facebook page right now. where do they get all this stuff?  it’s complete nonsense.

    sorry, random comment.  {{{frustration}}}

  7. Just stopped in for a second to whine. My computer blew up last night. Literally blew up – a flash, bang, and puff of smoke. It was the power supply. I guessed it was probably the power supply. There were no signs of damage to the motherboard. The power supply smelled like burned wire. I picked up another one today and installed it. Everything seemed to be ok until I tried to access the data drive. That hard drive is fried. I just lost 80+ hours of work. I now have to tell two important clients that the deadlines we set after I missed the first deadlines are now dead, dead, dead. This is not going to go over well. I think I want to cry.

  8. jsfox

    not to share.

    From Mark Medford

    So while libs can whine all they want about Obama’s imperfections and so-called failures, the instant you turn it all around and look at the alternatives, and then hitch them to the current GOP-led House’s plans to gut the budget and spew hate on women and gays, the arts and the poor, promote Islamophobia and kowtow to the rich, well, suddenly Obama shines all over again like the gleaming savior we all want him to be.

    Suddenly all the complaining turns into nitpicking. Suddenly that vague dissatisfaction is instantly overshadowed by this shuddering, sour tang deep in the gut that just about screams OMFG, thank God Obama’s there, how much worse off we’d be without him, how much good he’s actually accomplished, how blessed his articulate intelligence, how proud we are every time he travels abroad — please, please, please don’t ever leave and sorry we complained in the first place and oh my God please don’t leave.

    Yes, it’s moral and political relativism, writ large. Who cares? What else could it ever be? So count your presidential blessings, libs, for while they may be tattered and rashy and often pinch and ride up, they are, on the whole, still plentiful and hugely impressive and just shockingly better than any alternative you can name, much less vote for. And you know it.

    Go read the entire piece you won’t be disappointed  

  9. jsfox

    just posted a diary for the supporters to post something they were disappointed in and for the complainers to post something of which they approved.

    Here’s my response:

    To be honest most of my disapointments (2+ / 0-)

    had he done what I wished would have lead to disappointment and hurt to others.

    I wanted and thought all the Bush tax cuts should expire. However I say this realizing that this would have meant DADT probably would not have passed and unemployment extensions may have either not gotten done or been far less than was needed.

    I am not at all convinced Libya was the right thing to do.

  10. DTOzone

    On that note, I think Obama is very brave (and politically idiotic) for threatening to veto any CR. I think he should offer to sign it if some of the unrelated stuff is taken out (EPA, abortion), bringing to light the games the GOP are playing.

    Some on the blogs are giving him credit, others, not so much.

    An easy threat when there’s no chance it would (3+ / 0-)

    pass the Senate.  In other words, a hollow threat from a hollow man.

    Unthrilled. (16+ / 0-)

    I’d like to see that kind of defense of a woman’s right to choose.

    some has no fucking idea what’s in the CR!

    and let’s not forget to nitpick the language

    But the White House press release has (8+ / 0-)

    weak language. It doesn’t mention “holding our troops hostage” – that’s Jed’s far far better framing.

    If anything, it reads as if funding the troops is a distraction from important things. It’s smacking down the Republicans with a silk handkerchief when we should be using Thor’s hammer.

    I’d rather the White House just say it like it is – “HOLDING THE TROOPS HOSTAGE OVER EXTREME IDEOLOGY THAT ENDANGERS THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF AMERICANS. It’s not like it isn’t true.

    Look out for the third party bumper sticker:

    The Progressive Party- Because nothing you do will ever be good enough.  

  11. virginislandsguy

    I have a Need to Vent my Anger because I was not Invited to Debbie’s Party, where the Black Electorate Choir sang a rousing rendition of Bye, Bye Glenn!

    Now I have to look for a Job, Job, Job at the South African subsidiary of the Upper Big Branch Mine.

    This is Why I Cannot Vote for Obama.

    Of course, nothing has happened this week (Budget Showdown!, Budget Showdown!) so I guess we don’t need an Open Thread for another friggin’ week!

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