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Everyone is in FIRST PLACE!!!

Opening day today Mooseses.  Every team in in first place.  The boys of summer take the field today in an annual ritual of renewal.  Who will throw a no hitter this year?  What rookies will come into their own?  Which players will fall to tragic injury or decline?  Who will make an astounding comeback?  Which owner will have the most obnoxious moment?  Which team will exceed expectations?  Which will tumble below them?

Happy Opening Day to one and all!

Use this as an open thread for anything baseball related.  Best baseball memories and stories.  Your hopes and dreams for this season.  Favorite players and hated villains.

We’re all in first place at the opening of the next chapter in the long unfolding story made up of stories that is baseball.


  1. jsfox

    The first professional football game I ever attended was a Patriots game

    at Fenway Park in raging snow storm. FYI they were known as the Boston Patriots back then.


  2. HappyinVT

    It seems we may have an rivalry at the Moose.  I believe, Mr. Fox, you are outnumbered, however.

  3. spacemanspiff

    Some even have us losing the Wild Card to Tampa Bay.

    A big HA! to that.

    Never count out the Yankees.


  4. spacemanspiff

    … and see how wrong I was.  lol!

    American League

    Yankees, Twins and Rangers.

    Wild Card: Red Sox (Rays breathing down their necks).

    MVP: Robinson CanĂ³. Other options are Longoria or Crawford.

    Cy Young: Verlander.

    National League

    Phillies, Brewers and Rockies.

    Wild Card: Braves.

    MVP: Pujols. I got Tulo (Rockies SS) as the runner up.

    Cy Young: Halladay.

    I think it’s obvious who I think the CHAMPS will be (I’m such a homer).

    Let’s go Yankees !!!

  5. I think they may exceed expectations this year. We’ve got Ordonez, Cabrera, and Martinez in the middle of the lineup. The addition of Martinez means they won’t be able to pitch around Cabrera this year. The three youngsters, Jackson in center, Rhymes at second, and Avila behind the plate, all show a lot of promise, especially Jackson. Of course, no team goes any further than their pitching can carry them. We’ve got the best pitcher in the AL in Verlander then we’ve got . . .

    Should be fun year.

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