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The ponies enjoy their winter

Yes, folks, it’s another pony diary.

Another pony diary — but this time with pictures!

Lotsa pictures, enough to gladden the heart of even the fiercest critic of picture-poor diaries.

Ben and Commander have been enjoying their winter, and why not?  They’re fat,  fuzzy, and exceedingly well-fed.

They haven’t had to work for months.  All they have to do is hang out in  their generous turnout, come inside once in a while if the weather’s vile, eat  mass quantities of hay (plus a stingy ration of grain – treat time!) and dump  the processed hay wherever they like, secure in the knowledge that the human who  feeds them will also remove the result.

Being smart (and lazy), they tend not to wade out into the deep snow we’ve  amassed over the last two months, unless the cruel human tosses their hay out  there and their only hope of survival is to struggle through the wilderness to  the life-saving food.

But mostly they spend their time hanging out in the run-in with their pals  Cholla and Counterpoint.

Sometimes the boys play face-fight over the divider.

The game can get intense.

Eventually someone gets pissed off.

And the game is over.  For now.

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  1. Kysen

    So, is Cholla zee horse pronounced ‘Choy ah’ or ‘Cha la’?

    We have cholla cactus skeletons scattered throughout the house/yard from our many treks in/around Phoenix, J-Tree and the Canyonlands. We’ve used ’em to make wind chimes, frame holders, and just as ‘stand alone’ art for bookshelves and table tops. Really is neat and beautiful stuff. Mother nature is amaaaazing.  😉

    You say they’ve not had to work in months…how do ya work ’em when the weather is more kind?

    Keep ’em comin, janicket!

  2. Nag

    around here it’s called “Bite Yer Face Off” and yes, they can get lively. 🙂

    Yeah, this time of year it’s a labor of love. Having horses that you can just jump on is a real blessing. I’ve gotten dumped and had my bell rung. Woke up in the hospital that time, learned my lesson!

    Great diary.

  3. sricki

    is that I near always have time for them, even on days like today when I’ve not slept the night before and been go-go-go for 12 hours straight.

    Great diary, and they are so beautiful and sweet!

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