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Ministry of Silly Walks Open Thread

Okay okay okay…check this out, (this one is for you spacey!)

I would normally apologize for such a short diary, but I ran out of them yesterday and haven’t had time to restock.

Either way, I’m pretty sure that nobody here is expecting anything from me in the way of long, deeply researched and well written diaries, (yes, I’m looking at you Ricki).



  1. HappyinVT

    Earlier in the week Florida’s new governor, Rick Scott told Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to stuff the $2.4 billion in high-speed rail money.

    Today, a bi-partisan group of FL senators told Scott to shove it right back:

    “The cart’s in a ditch right now and we’ve got to figure out a way if we can all pull it out together,” said U.S. Rep. John Mica, an Orlando area Republican who is chairman of the powerful House transportation committee.

    In Tallahassee, a veto-proof majority of the Florida Senate rebuked Scott in a letter that urged the federal government to give the state the money Scott has refused.

    “Politics should have no place in the future of Florida’s transportation, as evidenced by this letter of bipartisan support,” said the letter, signed by 26 members of the Republican-controlled Florida Senate.

    “This project would create real jobs, cleaner and smarter transportation and true economic development for Floridians,” said the letter written to LaHood.

    Read more:

  2. Kysen

    let out a squeal of horror.

    I just watched Justin Beiber get riddled with bullets on C.S.I.

    btw…I hate cliffhangers and ‘to be continueds’ and ‘part 2s’…I never remember to watch. Da bastids.

    Carry on.

  3. HappyinVT

    FP’s Turtle Bay first reported on Wednesday evening that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice offered to support this draft statement, which affirms that the Security Council “does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity.” The United States was apparently trying to head off a vote on a stronger resolution put forth by the Palestinian Authority and supported by Lebanon, a temporary member of the Security Council.


    The Obama administration’s policy has long been to oppose much of Israel’s ongoing settlement activity. But the revelation that the administration contemplated criticizing Israel at the U.N. has many members of Congress incensed, especially Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL).

    “Support for this anti-Israel statement is a major concession to enemies of the Jewish State and other free democracies. It telegraphs that the U.S. can be bullied into abandoning critical democratic allies and core U.S. principles,” she said in a statement on Thursday.


    Anthony Weiner and Nita Lowey aren’t happy, either.  The latter had this to say:

    “Compromising our support for Israel at the U.N. is not an option. The United States must veto the U.N. resolution on settlements to make clear we will not support such a blatant attempt to derail the peace process,” she said.

    It appears likely the US, although it has not yet said it will, will veto the stronger language.

  4. spacemanspiff

    I’ve been busy but I had to drop down and comment here!

    Epic vid.

    Okay okay okay…check this out, (this one is for you spacey!)


  5. spacemanspiff

    Sen. Scott Brown has told a prosecutor he doesn’t want to seek criminal charges against the former summer camp counselor he says sexually assaulted him 40 years ago on Cape Cod.


    WTF? Does he think this was an isolated incident? I can’t begin to comprehend what hapenned to him but this is plain irresponsable on his part. That person is out there and probably sizing up victims as we speak. Brown’s story can give hope to others who have been abused. But his bravery in speaking up is no excuse for this b.s. “I don’t want to settle old scores” crap. Excuse me? The D.A. wants to investigate and prosecute this rapist but can’t if Brown doesn’t cooperate. I really don’t know what to say.

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