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  1. jsfox

    I said in the open thread,

    I find it a bit sad that when we finally get an honest to god filibuster it is against our own side. And to have Mary Landrieu spelling him I find more than a bit galling. This witch was the only Dem to vote for the Bush tax cuts in the first place. And dollars to donuts she is doing not because of the bill, but she is trying to improve her cred in a state, she will soon be going home to, that hates Obama

  2. HappyinVT

    Obviously, Bernie is my Senator and I find myself largely cheering him.  For the portion I heard he was right; the income for the upper class has gone up while the rest of us have seen a decline.  At the same time, the tax rate for the rich has gone down.  Doesn’t make sense.

    We need to repair existing roads, bridges, and dams and get our alternative modes of transportation upgraded.  Should he not have said anything and towed the line of the Democratic Party?  Which, as jsfox mentioned, Bernie’s not a member of; he just caucuses with Dems.

    Most Democrats do not think tax cuts are stimulative; Bernie points out things that need to be done that would create jobs.  I cannot fault him for that.

    Okay, maybe I’m not torn; I understand party discipline but I have to give Bernie props for this.

    I’ll have to see what the local media says about this, as a matter of curiosity.


    “You can call it a filibuster or just a very long speech.”  I think he’s doing the right thing.

    I’ve concluded that there are two kinds of activists:  Campaign/Party Activists and Policy Activists.  I am the former.  I get work to get Democrats elected and once in office, keep them in office.  What Bernie is doing is what I expect Policy Activists to do.  They fight over what the legislation should look like passed by the Congress.

    Lately, I feel like the Policy Activists have been stepping on the toes of people like me.  Instead of holding rallies, writing letters, making phone calls, tweeting, etc. about what’s wrong with the current legislation, they are talking about running candidates against our current Democratic President.  That irritates me.

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