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  1. spacemanspiff

    Change and his many sockpuppets (dude get a fucking life!) is repeating the same tired tune. The Moose killed MyDD. Wah! Wah! Wah! Whatever. I have not posted a single comment at the D since I left after the primary wars (was never banned but was probably going to be banned) and never will. What’s the point? I think we do it a favor everytime we discuss it here or people link from it. Don’t get me wrong, I laugh hard when a troll is getting owned over there. But then again I laugh whenever trolls are getting owned anywhere. That place is dead and we’ve danced over it’s grave countless times already. If Jerome doesn’t give a shit about his blog why should we? That diary has troll bait written all over it.

  2. Predicatable as ever….

    This (name)changeagain(#)2012 joker is the same nutbar that was banned under multiple names (most recently a few months back).

    The same delusional sap that claimed to be chums with Hillary’s brother and to have all sorts of ‘insider’ knowledge as to the goings on in DC.

    The same fruitcake who cyber-stalked Lemos incessantly with foaming at the mouth threats.

    The same pathetic basement dweller that writes insane disjointed comments (repeatedly)…chock full of paranoid delusions that ‘we’ are out to get him (or anyone else).

    The same dickdrizzle that slings insult left and right…then cries like a titty baby when he gets invective tossed his way.

    The same poster we have watched again and again and again get banned…only to return with another dumbfuck handle to spread his manure afresh.

    The same douchenozzle we have all laughed at for what feels like YEARS now…laughed at what a loser he must be to want so badly to see his words in print that he returns again and again after each banning (many of those bannings done by JEROME HIMSELF)…laughed at near in awe at the amount of time he spends (wastes) spewing his paranoid delusions of grandeur.

    The same pathetic lonely man who, if not for the internet, would be pacing back and forth jabbing his finger as he talked to himself.

    The same loser that jerks off when someone….ANYONE…replies to him.

    (btw, you’re welcome, hope you came hard)

    Thank you my dear simpleminded friend for providing a few minutes of mirth on a chilly evening. Be sure to wipe the spittle from your screen (and your chin) before you set to pecking out your next lunatic MyDD manifesto….we all await with bated breath.

    I guess every site could use a pet troll…maybe Jerome will let you stick around for longer this time since you currently have no competitors.



    by Kysen 2010-11-06 10:20PM

  3. Strummerson

    Just checked in.  Since changeyboy’s anti-Moose diary, the PUMA victimology brigade has posted a few choice “works.”  Maybe 5 comments total.

    If they weren’t as averse to empiricism as Michelle Bachmann, they might notice that their argument about “who ran whom off” has taken a hit.  We’re not there.  So who is killing the traffic?

    I vote for Kysen.  It’s Kysen’s fault.  Kysen, why did you kill MyDD?  It was our only hope…

  4. DeniseVelez

    time.  Shudder.

    Though  Kysen’s comment twas beauuuuuutiful.

    Looked at FP. Still shaking my head at Jerome’s cluelessness.  He doesn’t understand how Harry Reid managed to win.  As usual no mention of Latinos and their major impact on elections out West. If anything is more invisible than Black folks at MyDD it’s Latinos.  

    I guess they’ll spend the next 2 years gearing up for Hillary to take the WH.  


  5. SpanishFly

    I’ve gone silent since the Obama election, choosing instead to just read a few select blogs occasionally and catch MSNBC for the news…  But as I sat here tonight contemplating life post Nov 2nd, I thought, “I’ll bet MyDD is gloating about the results.”  Sure enough, they didn’t disappoint!  And then I saw my old friends at the Moose at the top of their Rec list and knew I was in for some enjoyable reading.

    My take on the results last week are simple, I’m disappointed.  We “hired” Obama as a country and gave him a nearly impossible mission.  He’s succeeded at so much of his agenda I find it disgusting that the country “punished” him for doing what he said he was going to do.  But that’s Democracy.

    Glad we held the Senate.  Thank you Sarah Palin!  

    All the best!  

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