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A Letter to the American Electorate

It’s very obvious that many of you are upset over conditions in this country and the direction in which we seem to be going. This has led to a natural desire to throw the bums out of office. That attitude is understandable. What is not understandable is the support for the political party that not only promoted the policies that led us into this mess, but also promises to make things worse for most Americans.

Here are eight initiatives the GOP has in store for America.

1) Privatize SS

Privatizing Social Security has been a longtime goal for Republicans. Current GOP elected officials and candidates that have spoken in support of privatizing Social Security include Eric Cantor R-OH, Paul Ryan R-WI, Michelle Bachman R-MN, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and others. If their plan had been in effect in 2008 then American seniors would have lost 40% of their retirement savings and income. The savings of younger Americans might have never recovered and they would have been doomed to spend their retirement years in poverty.

2) Eliminate Medicare

In 2009, the Entire Republican Leadership Voted to Turn Medicare into a Voucher Program. In 2009, Republican Leader John Boehner, Republican Whip Eric Cantor, Republican Conference Chair Mike Pence, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions and 133 other Republicans voted to turn Medicare into vouchers that decline in value, ending the program as its presently known. [Roll Call Vote #191, 4/2/09; Associated Press, 4/2/09]  

3)Abolish the Minimum Wage

Republicans aren’t satisfied with workers barely earning above the poverty line. They would like to see American workers in a race to the bottom when it comes to wages. Apparently they won’t be satisfied until we have some Americans earning $1 per day. GOP candidates who have spoken in favor of abolishing the minimum wage include: John Raese R-WV, Rand Paul R-KY, Sharron Angle R-UT and others

4) Reduce or eliminate unemployment insurance

GOP candidates in favor of abolishing the minimum wage have also stated their antipathy towards unemployment insurance.

5) Make abortion illegal, including for victims of rape or incest

The list of GOP elected officials and candidates in favor of making abortion illegal in all cases includes among others: Ken Buck R-CO, David Harris R-IL, Rand Paul R-KY, Christine O’Donnell R-DE, Joe Miller R-AK. A recent study showed at least 78 current GOP members of Congress also shared this view.

6) Eliminate capital gains taxes

Not satisfied with a capital gains tax so low that it prompted billionaire Warren Buffet to point out that he was taxed at a lower rate than his secretary, numerous GOP candidates hope to eliminate it altogether. Their goal is to make the middle and lower classes can carry a larger percentage of the total tax burden. In their world view, people who work for a living deserve to pay more taxes while those that inherit their wealth should be tax free. In the words of John Raese West Virginia candidate for the Senate seat of Robert Byrd, “I made my money the old-fashioned way, I inherited it.”

7) Resist any openness or disclosure for foreign funding of American elections

Not satisfied with a recent Supreme Court ruling allowing unlimited corporate political spending, the GOP is actively blocking any attempt to keep foreign companies and governments from participating in our election process. They see nothing wrong with the Kingdom of Bahrain or the communist government of China pouring money into political action groups in this country.

8) Reduce regulations on business – mining safety, osha, environmental, food safety, etc…

The GOP’s love of free markets leads naturally to a dislike of any government regulation of business. Rand Paul, Senate candidate in KY, thinks the government was wrong to outlaw segregation and discrimination. Other GOP candidates oppose mine safety, OSHA, all environmental regulations, food safety, even disease control by the CDC. Hey would like people to believe that the business-centric mindset that brought us child labor, sweatshops, forced labor, contaminated food, poisoned water and air, and working conditions that led directly to illness and death for millions has somehow become a kinder, more compassionate force.

What has been outlined above is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a clear distinction between the two parties. Democrats see the country as a single society that needs to work for all Americans. The GOP sees the country as a dog-eat-dog jungle where those on top have to be constantly on-guard against the have-nots. Whether the GOP recognizes where their plans will lead the country or is just blind to the consequences is irrelevant. The result will be the same either way – a country without a middleclass. One filled with the poor and a tiny minority sitting on top of all of the wealth of the American empire. The choice is clear. The vote in November is either for a country that works for all citizens or one that is ruled by wealthy oligarchs. Your choice, America.


  1. Strummerson

    The GOP doesn’t want to abolish Medicare.  It wants to save Medicare…from the federal government!!!

  2. Shaun Appleby

    I can think of two contemporary issues which, given a bit of emphasis, could constitute a timely ‘October surprise:’

    1. Foreclosure Fraud

    It is a legal impossibility for someone without a mortgage to be foreclosed upon. It is a legal impossibility for the wrong house to be foreclosed upon, it is a legal impossibility for the wrong bank to sue for foreclosure.

    And yet, all of those things have occurred. The only way these errors could have occurred is if several people involved in the process committed criminal fraud. This is not a case of “Well, something slipped through the cracks.” In order for the process to fail, many people along the chain must commit fraud.

    Barry Ritholtz – Why Foreclosure Fraud Is So Dangerous to Property Rights The Big Picture 12 Oct 10

    Yes, that’s ‘property rights,’ libertarians.  Property rights as in ‘contract law and private property rights are the underlying reason capitalism works in Western nations.’  This is fraud on a massive scale and it’s interesting to note there are now foreclosure fraud investigations likely in forty states.  Legal professionals are probably smelling ‘class action’ blood in the water and Huffington Post has raised a ‘Foreclosures‘ page in antici-pation.  Big news and affecting every homeowner, defaulter or purchaser nationwide.  Hard to have a housing market rebound when you can’t trust the title you are closing on is not imperfectly processed.

    2. Campaign Donations from Foreign Entities

    Who’d have thunk it?

    Yesterday, the Chamber’s chief lobbyist Bruce Josten, who has been spoon-feeding much of the media distortions about our report, went on Fox News (whose parent company donated $1 million to the Chamber recently for its ad campaign) to again try to dilute the issue by dissembling about the Chamber’s fundraising and membership. “We have probably 60 or so foreign multi-national companies in our membership that we have had for decades, many of which have been in the United States for half a century or a century,” said Josten.

    The Chamber is being deceptive. In addition to multinational members of the Chamber headquartered abroad (like BP, Shell Oil, and Siemens), a new ThinkProgress investigation has identified at least 84 other foreign companies that actively donate to the Chamber’s 501(c)(6).

    Lee Fang – Chamber Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies In Disclosed Donations Alone Think Progress 13 Oct 10

    Fancy that.  You would have to be dim, even by Tea Party standards, or a particularly globalist Randian not to see a problem here.  Watch this space, the initial denials of the Chamber are evasive and elisive.  They are hiding something and no prizes guessing what it might be.  I’d like to think any beneficiary candidates are ultimately framed as marginally treasonous tools of ‘foreign interests.’

  3. DTOzone

    I jokingly said I wanted tog et enough experience to go to France in 2012 and cover their presidential election.

    Upon future thought, I’m excited about that lol

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