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  1. I’m not trying to be a smart ass when I say that. We have a two-party system. If you don’t fit into either party then you have very few options.

    One – you could find one of the minor parties to support.

    Two – be an independent and pick who you vote for based on the individual. (Not a great option given the available choices in both parties)

    Three – Drop out of the system completely. Don’t vote.

    Four – Start your own party. Build support until it becomes a force or takes over one of the major parties. That’s what the Tea Party is trying to do.

    Five – Work within one party or the other to make it more compatible with your political views.

  2. jsfox

    Snarky comment out of the way I’m going to mostly agree with John Allen here.

    If you are saying you are an Independent good for you. All this does in some states is preclude you from voting in primaries, not the end of the world.  However, it does not give you much say who you get to vote for in the general. But other than that you are free to pick and choose who best suits your agenda. Not that you couldn’t do that even if you did register as a D or an R.

    And as John said you are certainly free to disengage all together and just not vote.

    However as far as I am concerned. if you don’t vote, don’t expect your complaints about what is or isn’t happening in terms of local, state and nation governance to carry a whole lot of weight.


    I see you have a link there and presume if I followed it, I could find out why no party fits you.  But that would be too easy.

    Christian fundamentalist with an arsenal of assault weapons?  Nope, that would be Tea Party.

    Tree hugging vegan who wears cloth shoes and rides a bike everywhere?  Nope, that would be the Green Party.

    Greedy fascist billionaire who wants someone else’s tax dollars to pay for ports, airports and highways you utilize?  Nope, that would be the Republican Party.

    Anti-corporation commune-dweller?  Nope, that would be the Socialist Party.

    Normal sane person who wants a fiscally responsible government that lets you love whatever consenting adult you want and doesn’t make you have babies you don’t want?  Nope, that would be the Democratic Party.

    Okay, I’m out of ideas.

  4. The Republicans are carrying water for corporatists and the Religious Right, and the Neocons have done a great job of advancing an agenda that is both dangerous and reductionist to such an extreme that we have folks who perceive anything to do with Israel is good, and anything to do with Muslims is bad. And our European allies are perceived as competitors, save when their interests involve the Middle East, and the Chinese are now brave capitalists struggling with a Communist system.

    It is getting to a point where I may have to simply end my ties, despite hopes that we can turn the party from the Wing Nut Brigade. There is only so many primaries to try to get decent and sane candidates on the ballot.  

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