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The Economy Teeters on the Edge as Politicians Play… So what do the majority of Americans want?

A new poll shows that 53% of Americans support the  ending of tax cuts  for the Wealthy 1% while maintaining them for the  Middle Class.  John Boehner , however, comes out today saying it is not time to increase taxes on anyone (so I assume he’s in that 1%… or is dominated by it.) At the same time, the US  poverty  rating has now increased by 43%… more of us are impoverished by this economy and the lack of jobs is seen as the major cause.

S0 let’s look at that Wealthy 1%. As the major business investors (in terms of money, if not in the creation of new businesses), these folks have NOT created new jobs… at least not in the US. While China and the far east have gotten more employees (for pennies!) and Mexico has received new factories that used to be in Indiana and Illinois and Ohio, the Wealthy 1% have held onto their dough and have not used it to, as the trickle-downers maintain they would, “save America.”

By ending the “temporary” (as originally limited to 10 years… the decade that destroyed our economy) tax cut for the rich, enough money could come back into the American investment sphere through employment subsidies, highway development and bridge repair (much more necessary than anyone is admitting… just wait until our major routes fall apart and truckers are out of business), among other things, to bring us back on a positive track. It may NOT be what does happen. Congress has not shown itself to be on the side of Working America as much as it has been on the side of Money America .

We should at least realize what COULD happen and use all the influence we can expend on our Representatives and Future Representatives. If we don’t, then we deserve what we get.