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War Fatigue

Obama and Company are gearing up for an explanation tour of our goals in the Middle East… that we are there to keep Al Qaeda out, to stop the Taliban from returning to Afghanistan, and to WIN (whatever that means).

Trying to build a Democratic state in a Medieval mess is just not working out. Keeping the corrupt Karzai government afloat is a form of creeping suicide for our troops, which we have expanded in Afghanistan as we have cut them in Iraq.

In the last funding bill for the troops and additional 70 Congressfolk added their names to the non-funders. Next time, the funds just may be voted down. What then?

The people…us… the voting folks… are just getting tired of it all. It is costing us and killing us for no apparent reward. It is making us continuously less popular around the world. And, although we are warned that the terrorists will come back to get us if we don’t fight them over there, they are getting arrested over here for potential terrorist attacks anyway. The war does not effectively end terrorism.

Can we get over the concept that if we don’t win we lose?

Somehow, we have to.


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  1. Shaun Appleby

    That we keep the motor running until the inevitable economic prosperity kicks in.  If that is a losing strategy we are doing it wrong.

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