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Obama is making his fourth trip to the Gulf. Will it matter?

I guess we’ll know tomorrow with his “speech to the nation,” as it is being called by the TV Pundits. It’s been 56 days now since the explosion that started the oil eruption under water and just about everything that has been tried has been functionally useless (there’s a cap of sorts taking our a small percentage of the flow, but not enough to make a difference, and two relief wells are being drilled to cut off the leak itself, but we’re about two months away from it happening).

BP is spending millions on advertising where they say that they are taking “full responsibility” for the leak and the cleanup, and that no American taxpayers will have to pay  for this. Of course, such a statement is utter bullshit, since all the news shows talk about lately is business owners and fishermen on the Gulf who have appealed to BP for recompense do to their losses in the tragedy and have not been able to get the oil company to pay for anything.

BP put this out on it’s website:

BP’s onshore response efforts have rapidly expanded,  with equipment and people staged and ready in Louisiana, Mississippi,  Alabama, and Florida. BP has positioned rapid response teams in Alabama  and Louisiana to enable quick response and cleaning of areas where oil  may come ashore. These 12-person teams will assess initial impacts, and  then call in a larger contingent of trained responders and volunteers to  clean the affected area.

If that sounds good you should tie it to the word yesterday afternoon from Alabama that their beaches were now covered with tarballs and oil mass and their summer tourist season has been destroyed (along with the wildlife.) So much for “rapid response.” One of the things Obama is supposed to be doing today is speaking with BP officials. Let’s see if that gets him anywhere.

Joe Scarborough made what I thought was the best suggestion on his show this morning…and I rarely agree with Joe Scarborough… when he said that Obama should use the “speech to the nation” to bring our National Dream into a non-oil-dependent energy target. He compared it to JFK’s famous speech pledging to put a man on the moon in a decade.

This from Scarborough:

“I would make the John Kennedy speech that by the end of the decade, we  will go to the moon. This president can say, thank god it’s the  beginning of the decade, by the end of a decade, America will break its  dependence on foreign oil. By the end of the decade, we will control our  own destiny. By the end of the decade, we will be positioned to  dominate the world in energy for the next century. We will do it because  we must do it…”

That’s a terrific idea.

I’ll be astonished if it happens.



  1. fogiv

    …if he doesn’t say something like that, but I wouldn’t hope for a decade.  I’m not convinced that’s even possible.  Fossil fuels are likely to be a part of our domestic energy mix for decades (plural), even in a best case scenario where we’re going full-bore batshit on renewables, nuclear, or other alternatives.

  2. DTOzone

    One thing the oil spill has not done is created a spike of opposition to offshore drilling in Louisiana. 77% of voters still support it with only 12% against. Only 31% say the spill has made them less inclined to be in favor of drilling while 42% say it hasn’t made a difference to them and 28% say they’re now stronger in their support.

    I found this disheartening, but this morning while watching the news, there was a piece about how angry villagers on the coast are mad because Louisiana is using prisoners to clean up the spill. They’re mad because the prisoners are “sinister looking” (black) and they’re “taking over” (that’s what this lady said), their towns.

    I’m getting to the point where I think Louisiana should just drown in their oily mess, these people are fucking hopeless.  

  3. HappyinVT

    A bolt of lightning struck the ship capturing oil from the blown-out BP well in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, igniting a fire that halted containment efforts in another setback for the embattled company in its nearly two-month struggle to stop the spill, the company said.

    The fire was quickly extinguished and no one was injured. BP said it hopes to resume containing oil from the well sometime Tuesday afternoon.

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