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  1. Kysen

    …’cept I’ll have hot coffee and Makers Mark.

    (oh..and it will be MY sofa)

    Sorry you are feelin’ puny, hon…hope ya get to feelin’ mo’betta soon. Seems that the Moose is a bit under the weather as well.

    I have absolutely no legitimate excuse for MY absence.

    None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

    What about everyone else?



  2. sricki

    Some crazy guy hides from the cops in poo. Surprise!

    Police say Thomas Hovis, 52, tried to elude arrest by hiding in a great big vat of liquefied poop. Hovis is a convicted felon and career criminal who was wanted on drug charges.

    Police say he was holed up inside a barn, but they couldn’t find him.

    Turns out, all they really needed to do was follow the smell… down the trough where fecal matter is sprayed and into the vat where it collects.

  3. fogiv

    …better half has taken up some part time work with a real estate office and is simultaneously getting a small biz off the ground.  Mighty proud of her, and it means I’m spending mucho time chasing almost 20-month old Jack Jack around.  

    Let’s see…we’re also spending tons of time at the little league park as both older boys are playing ball this year.  Games or practices six nights a week.  

    I’m still finding time to play with guitars nightly, and squeeze in a jam with a great bunch of interesting folks every thursday.  

    I’m getting some long shelved paintings going again in my spare time (which is usually the wee hours), and still looking for gainful employment but it’s still pretty bleak out there for diggers like me looking for full-time perm gigs w/ decent bennies.  

    Seriously considering going back to school for a degree in something entirely different.  Maybe journalism, maybe Polisci, maybe enviro mgt, or some combination of those.  I’ve been doing archaeology professionally in one form or another for nearly 16 years, and I’m jaded as fuck.

    I dunno, I’d better get a job soon so I can take a freakin’ rest.

    Oh, I’ve been listening to a lot of Dan Reeder lately, and I think he’s a genius.  Por ejemplo:

    get well soon, sricki.

  4. Kysen

    Still Not Getting It:

    Mistermix is fundamentally misreading the impact the Rubio investigation will have on the campaign. There will be no negative repercussions, even if it turns out he did misuse the credit cards.

    Again, there is simply no greater achievement in the modern conservative movement than becoming a martyr. Accused by the OBAMA IRS and the “lamestream media” of wrongdoing? They’ll rally around him even if it turns out he was using the card to pay for gay sex with aborted fetuses in a bondage-themed club.

    He doesn’t have to explain anything- all he has to do is deny it and play the victim, and let the “principled conservatives” in the wingnut wurlitzer and the blogosphere do the rest. I’m not going to do it, but someone else can listen to Rush and the others today, and I guarantee they will come out swinging at the accusers and rallying around Rubio. National Review will have ten pieces up by noon lamenting the politicization of the IRS. Mark my words.

    You might as well just call Rubio the Republican nominee right now. If the wingnuts can get a good soundbite of Chris Matthews acting outraged, Rubio might manage to finagle this into a 2012 Presidential nomination.

    -emPHAsis mine

  5. ??? Where the heck does that saying come from?

    The Moose seems to have been taking a nap for a while now. I suspect we are all a little tired of the craziness of U.S. politics and feeling a little letdown after the intensity of the HCR effort. There is plenty going on right now, but nothing that can’t manage without me us for a little bit. I can’t imagine the stress that people in the administration have to deal with every day. It would break most people.

    Tonight was kind of relaxing. Watched the Red Wings trounce the Coyotes to set up the possibility of a series win on Sunday. When I was going through the channels to find the game, I came across To Have And To Have Not on a PBS station, so I recorded it while I watched the game. Now I’m watching that. God, I love Bogie and Bacall together.

    Been really busy with some projects that I let slide for too long. Now I’ve got to bust ass to catch back up before I lose some clients. I’ll be doing that over the next week and then should have more time for the Moose.

  6. spacemanspiff

    Being a little less invested in the whole horserace of politics has made me see 2 things clearly. Keith O has become a major douchebag. The DailyKos front page and Rec.List is full of fringe left wing loonies and MyDD stills sucks. Nobody gives a crap about half the shit the GOP is getting worked up about and almost everybody I’ve talked to thinks Obama has done as good as job as can be done. The mass hysteria is crazy and counterproductive and makes those involved in it seem a little out of it.

  7. sricki

    too funny. Some school in GA had some former convict rapper come speak to the kids, and some of the parents got all up in arms. They sent the principal an angry email, and his reply was:

    “I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not available.”

  8. I’ve got the bestest excuse evah. Back in the fatherland we’re having, my colonial friends might have noticed, a General Election.

    All kind of crazy assed stuff going down. Lots of blogging on my part, troll squishing, etc. Some great stories to report back. But though we might not have an Obama, we could still be having an Obama moment, such a sudden boost to three way party politics, which could change everything (constitution, voting system etc.) for good, and for good.

    More anon my Moose friends.  

  9. DTOzone

    I don’t even know what to say. I won’t even bring it up because I’m afraid of people’s responses.  

  10. HappyinVT

    doctor.  But before you do check out this site,, to make sure you bring enough chickens.

    The fine print at the bottom is priceless:

    *This site makes no guarantees regarding the correct number of chickens for your procedure. Chicken count is an estimate only based on current market value of typical live chickens and average costs of medical procedures gathered from multiple sources. Your doctor may require more chickens than specified. For your convenience, we recommend bringing at least 20% more chickens than specified to any doctor’s appointment. For that matter, you should have at least 1500 chickens per passenger in your car in the event of an accident, so you could just use those if you’re a little short on chickens, but then be extra careful driving home from the doctor because you will have used up some of your accident chickens. Do not mail your medical chickens as payment. Please barter medical chickens in person. Chickens should be secured in your trunk or truckbed if possible. Any chickens riding in the passenger compartment on the way to the doctor must wear seat belts.  Chickens should not drive you to the doctor, if you are unable to drive you should dial 911 for an ambulance. Ambulances may not accept chickens for payment, you should have at least 4 goats or an adult pig for such cases. Your healthcare provider may not accept chickens for payment, but many accept other livestock. The Chicken Calculator can not convert medical procedures to sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, cows, llamas, ostriches, etc. Check with your local livestock association for current exchange rates and providers.


  11. fogiv

    guy I went to highschool with posts the following facebook status:

    going to see Sinbad tonight at the cascade

    i’m having to smash my pinkie in a garlic press to not ask why he’s willing to admit this so publicly.

  12. I am settled (?) in Scotts Valley, CA and have finished my first week as VP of marketing at AlienVault – the preferred outcome I was hoping for.  I’m jazzed as hell about my new job, love my new house and only wish it was full of Donna (who fills up enough space alone), Damien, Roxanne, Christine and all the associated creatures (including Slipper the hyper turtle).  After I type this I the second coat of finish should be dry on the floor of my new home office (nee tool shed) floor and I think I’ll go pour some fiberglass resin in the cleaned out areas of rot.

    It has been hectic getting here, unloading, figuring out the property (I’ve got a mental project list that will take all summer to finish), finalizing on the work thing, getting plugged into the new company and learning the basics of the local infrastructure.  Even though I’ve spent lots of time in the area, finding all those little daily things in your immediate vicinity consumes a lot of mental horsepower.

    One of the first things I did when I got here was clear an area and dig a bonfire pit.  We’re three burns in on the pit, my new colleague and his fiance and my neighbor here have kept the place from being too quiet.  It will be August by the time the rest of the family is all here (school, then family get together in Indiana, then time in Ontario), I’m going back for two weeks in mid-May, will see everyone in Indiana in June and then in the end of July hook up with the whole crew, half-fill a truck with the rest of our stuff in Canada, finish filling it in Raleigh and drive it all the way here with my son.

    I’ll be more voiceiferous before long.  Right now (and likely until August to some extent) my synapses are a little tired.

    Love to all the Mooses!

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