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Catholic Church Goes “All In” on Victim Blaming, Denial and Depravity.

Holy Jesus fuck!  What a douchebag.

“Jesus help me, I’m gonna tap that boy’s ass tonight!”

In this story from the AP, some Bishop in Mexico is choosing to blame sex education for causing priests to molest children.  The public education system in Mexico, in seeking to provide services that actually benefit the citizens of Mexico, choose to have a sex education system that uses facts about biology, reproduction, disease and prevention.  This of course is a direct challenge to the Roman Catholic Church, who seek to suck the money out of people while glorifying themselves as special messengers of an invisible being they refer to as “God”.

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In an effort to keep the population stupid, diseased and gullible as well as provide cover for the continuing and historical raping of children by priests, some bishop in Mexico said this:

On Thursday, Bishop Felipe Arizmendi said that “when there is  generalized sexual licentiousness, it is more common to have pederasty.”

“In  the midst of the invasion of so much eroticism, it is not easy to  remain faithful in celibacy, or in respecting children,” Arizmendi, the  bishop of the San Cristobal de las Casas diocese in Chiapas state, said  at a meeting of Mexican bishops. (Source AP)

It’s an example of the worst abuse of power imaginable.  The Catholic Church goes around telling people to fork over their money, breed themselves into illiteracy, disease and poverty and trust that while the Pope makes the ultimate sacrifice of eating filet mignon every goddamn night – those poor saps will be rewarded with eternal bliss after they fucking die. 

Meanwhile, here on earth, priests can rape children while the Bishops and Cardinals cover up for them – all in the name of protecting The Church their gravy train.

The filthy gall of blaming knowledge of biology, reproduction and STD’s for the acts of rape and torture that these men commit is absolutely criminally insane.  This is the holy mother of victim blaming, greed, contempt and corruption – all wrapped up in one. 

I have fucking had it.  I’ve had it with The Pope.  I’ve had it with these child rapers stealing from people and promising a colossal load of bullshit.  If heaven is so fucking great, let the priests, bishops and Pope go there now and send us a goddamn postcard. 

Or, if we honor life and don’t wish to send them on to death, no matter how vile the criminal, then let’s wall up the Vatican into a prison for the criminally insane and lock up every single child raping priest, every abetting bishop, cardinal and definitely The  Pope then throw away the key.  Then, send the rest of the clergy off to school to learn biology, evolution and disease control.  Afterwards, they can be assigned jobs as science teachers in poor communities.  Fund the whole thing by liquidating the Church’s bank accounts.

Humanity has given this idea two thousand years to actually do some good.  Well, if the pinnacle of achievement is greed, delusion, poverty, sexism, misogyny, child rape, disease, corrruption and victim blaming – then we can pronounce the Catholic Church as a global failure.

What is wrong with the human race that we put so much stock in the delusional, power mad ravings of swindling, deceitful child rapers and torturers? 

Holy men are a fucking cancer – all of them.  (Although, cancer may yet prove to have value)


  1. fogiv

    …a disgusting, depraved, and recurring scandal of this magnitude, with tendrils thoughout the holy see and ensnaring the pope himself would have disastrous consequences on the catholic church, and christianity by extension.

    i wonder how we’ll view these events a few decades from now?  

  2. I gave serious consideration on whether or not to cross-post this one.  I got so emotional and while I don’t regret that, I did wonder if anyone else would be OK with me sharing it on their site.

    So, thanks Moosies for embracing or at least welcoming me in all of my moods and beliefs.


  3. sricki

    agree with some of this. I hate organized religion as a rule and rarely defend it — kindness and leeway are not things I tend to extend to holy rollers.

    Couple things here.

    First, gadfly, while I am glad you feel comfortable posting this sort of thing on the Moose, I do not agree with the decision to FP it. I am not known for being shy about cursing, but I do think we ought be a little less flippant about it on the FP. Also, the caption for the image is more disturbing than amusing. “Tapping” children’s asses is something it’s pretty hard (and perhaps unwise) to make light of, and if one is going to make a joke about pedophilia, best that it be a bit more subtle and tasteful (if possible). Really, a caption like that is more horrible than funny. Also, I think a statement like “all holy men are a cancer” is unfair — I don’t know what kind of faulty premise or syllogism one has to be working from to reach that far-fetched conclusion, but… it is wrong — just like saying “all Republicans are a cancer” is wrong.

    I am not religious, but I was brought up in the Episcopal church and was an acolyte for much of my young life and was very involved because my parents insisted that I be so — and while I did not like some of our priests, others had my admiration. A couple showed me great kindness, even knowing that I did not care for the church and didn’t want to be there — they opened their arms to me (in a completely appropriate, non-sexual fashion) and treated me with care and consideration. They were good men. When my grandfather, who I loved more than anyone in the world, was dying… his Baptist pastor, who had meant so much to him for decades, was there for our family — took care of my grandfather’s needs and those of his loved ones. He was a good man. When I put my parents through living hell as a teenager… and beyond… and made their lives miserable with my behavior — made them think they had lost their daughter, or soon would — their new priest listened to them, counseled them, helped through it all. He was there for them, selflessly catering to their needs, while their daughter was selfishly turning their lives upside down. He was… is… a good man. They are still at that church — and I am glad for their involvement there, even if I have no interest in attending myself. It gives them peace — and I know that no matter what happens with me… they will have someone, in that priest, to listen to them and help them through anything.

    Some holy men are bad people. As are some Republicans, some Democrats, some Independents… some straight people, some gay people, some white people, some people of color… But be careful — when you go generalizing a statement so harsh to such a large group of people. You do not do them justice — or yourself, for that matter.

  4. Kysen

    I am going to move this diary from the the FP back to the recent diaries list for the following reasons (reasons which ought to have prevented it from being FP’d in the first place).

    – “Holy Jesus Fuck” – While the Posting Guidelines (#5) state that ‘Profanity is not allowed in Diary titles’, using ‘fuck’ ‘above the fold’ in a regular diary is ok. However, once FP’d above the fold becomes ‘on site’ and in order to avoid triggering browser filters of workplace users, ‘fuck’ is no longer acceptable ‘above the fold’.

    – The caption below the image is not acceptable as being representative of The Moose as a whole.

    – Your blanket assertion that all holy men are “fucking cancers” is not in any way representative of the Moose as a whole. In fact, it disgusts and insults me personally. My father in law is a preacher….and, I assure you, he is not a ‘fucking cancer’.

    – I am sure we have Catholic readers, and readers of other faiths, and this is not what we would want a new reader to see first as being representative of our community.

    Now, that having been said…I am NOT saying you ought not have posted this diary on the Moose. What is posted in Recent Diaries, so long as it abides by the Posting Guidelines, allows for writing of a far more personal and opinionated nature. I would hope that you have always found that the Moose is accepting of myriad viewpoints in User diaries. The FP, however, represents us all…and this diary does anything but.

    So, I am moving it from the FP back to Recent Diaries.

    Please keep posting on the Moose, gadfly. Your diaries, even if not always appropriate for the FP, are a welcome addition.

    In case anyone is interested:

    Here are the Guidelines used for FP’ing a diary:

    1. Be sure that the diary is something that properly represents the Moose as a whole. Front Page diaries should as closely as possible match up with the overall views of the Moose. There are well-written diaries — good diaries — that just do not belong on the FP.

    *For example: If someone posts an informative, well-written diary that is anti-Health Care Reform, it still should not be FP’d because it does not represent the majority stance of the Moose, and we would not want it representing the community as what a new visitor sees first.

    2. Avoid FP’ing diaries of a personal nature, or diaries which contain especially controversial content.

    3. Try not to FP Open Threads or Lounge Diaries unless there are no current content-bearing diaries that can be FP’d. There is nothing wrong with Open Threads or Lounge Diaries, but we should aim for content on the FP.

    4. If an editor or admin did not FP their own diary, ask before doing it for them. There is often a reason they opted not to do it themselves.

    5. If a diary has recently been FP’d, refrain from writing or promoting another FP diary directly over it. Let it ride for a half day or so (length of time will be flexible depending on how busy the site is — the busier the site, the less time needed between FP’d diaries).

    6. When FP’ing a diary

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             – Make sure the image is 500 pixels in width or smaller.

             – Double check to ensure that the diary adheres to the Posting Guidelines.

  5. yet this diary made me somewhat uncomfortable when I read it. I wasn’t happy when I saw it had been FP’d. I tend to take a backseat when it comes to decisions like that, so I let it go. Now that it has been taken off the FP I will speak out to support that decision. I also agree that it is acceptable as a user diary. Yes, it is sure to offend some people, but that is the nature of the game. I’ve been offended by diaries with prayers in them, especially when they have been on the FP. However, causing offense is no reason for censorship. We might self-censor in a discussion with friends and family in order to avoid confrontation, but that is not acceptable in the national discourse. In that case, let the chips fall where they may.

  6. creamer

     I generaly find your post interesting national gadfly, this one not so much. I really have no intrest in defending the Catholic Church, but your generalzations would be comical if they did not insult millions who believe in their church, and I’m sure are as horrified and disgusted as you are.

    I live in a very religous evangelical community and often find myself wondering what they are thinking and why they do and say the things they do. Same with the Catholic Church, their ability to blunder along with this is mind boggling, offensive, imoral and wrong on many levels. But I don’t think that makes them or even the majority as evil as you would suggest.

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