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The Night Health Care Passed: Strange Happenings at Fox and MSNBC

Sunday evening, as a long-debated health care bill passed through Congress, something quite strange was happening on the websites of two eminent news organizations.

Here was Fox News, Sunday night:

Fox News, of course, is famous as an embodiment of the right-wing machine. Yet its web page that night looked like a resounding endorsement of the health care bill. There is a dignified picture of the president, in a room full of celebrating aides. The picture is titled, in big white font, “This is what change looks like.”

More below.

If one clicks on the link for a larger view, the subtitles are sometimes quite left-leaning. On Fox Business: “It’s Here: Democrats Pass Sweeping Health Care Reform.” Below the image: “Obama Celebrates With Hugs and High Fives.” One subtitle implies Republican craziness: “Stupak Called ‘Baby-Killer,” presumably by a Republican.

Then there was the MSNBC response:

MSNBC is often depicted as the liberal contrast to Fox News. Last night, however, MSNBC’s website appeared anything but happy.

Take a look. The title – “House Sends Health Care Bill to Obama” – is far more restrained than Fox’s “This is What Change Looks Like.” There’s a somewhat unflattering portrait of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And the details could have come from Fox itself. First, MSNBC assures its readers that the Democrats haven’t won yet; “there’s no certainty that the Senate will pass the House’s ‘corrections’ bill intact.” Then, just below, a poll asks the audience if they’re “jazzed or mad?” On the Stupak deal, an article claims that “Both anti-abortion groups and abortion rights supporters slam Dem’s deal.”

In other words, MSNBC was behaving just like…Fox would. And Fox was behaving just like MSNBC.

So what happened? Did the staffs of Fox and MSNBC suddenly switch places? Did Rupert Murdoch and Jeff Zucker decide to play an early April Fools joke? Was it just coincidence that Fox was acting like MSNBC, and MSNBC was acting like Fox?

We may never know.



  1. They are pretty well the same.  I don’t like either of them very much.  

    I can watch one or the other at different times, but neither is journalism.  They’re both opportunistic op-ed stations.

  2. HappyinVT

    from the president’s speech Sunday night?

    I kind of agree with fogiv ~ folks will take that as they are predisposed to.

    I like the picture, though.

  3. Over the last few days, you have heard very little from Tea Party Nation on the Socialist Health Care vote. This was by design. We had little more to offer than other patriot groups and I do not know about you, but my email box was getting filled up with urgent messages. No one needed one more.

    Now things are different.  TPN has a plan and we are going to fight back!

    Tea Party Nation wants you to take the battle to your home state.  The following states have recall provisions that allow recall of their congressmen. They are: OR, WI, NJ, CA, CO, MI, NV, ND, LA and KS. Several other states have limited recall. Most states do not have this law.

    This is what we need you to do:

    First, forward this email to as many people as you can. If you receive this email and are not a member of Tea Party Nation, go to the website, and join us.

    Second, if your state allows recall, look up the procedure and get started.  If you need help, we will try and compile a list of attorneys who can help you.

    Third, if your state does not have a recall provision, call your state representatives and state senators and demand that one be enacted immediately!  Enlist the help of your friends and fellow activists. Politicians like their job security, so they are not going to be that receptive to something that might be used against them.

    Too bad – they work for us!

    Finally, as I mentioned above, we need lawyers. I know there are a number of lawyers on Tea Party Nation. We need lawyers who can help us draft model statutes that people can give their state representatives and senators to introduce to their state legislature.  If you are an attorney and would like to help, please contact me at

    The battle for freedom is entering a critical phase. Next on the Obama agenda is Amnesty and Universal Voter Registration. Both are designed to help the Socialists’ rule to continue by either creating enough new voters so they will win elections, or to create the wiggle room for Chicago-style corruption at the national level.

    You know their motto by now — Why win an election, when you can steal it!

    Time is running out.  We must act now! If we do not stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of political evil now, we will not have a country to save in 2012.

    Thank you all for your hard work and efforts up until this point.  The future of the country left to us by our founding fathers and fought for by our forefathers now rests on our shoulders.

    We may have lost a battle, but we will win this war against liberalism!

    Judson Phillips

    Founder and President

    Tea Party Nation

    What a bunch of hopeful thinkers.  And yes, the All Bold is straight from the original email.

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