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Racebook: Hate on the Web’s Most Popular Social Network

Below the fold is a collection of fan photos, associated captions, and selected comments from a Facebook group entitled O.B.A.M.A. (One Big Ass Mistake, America).


I’ll not be providing any commentary, as this garbage speaks for itself.  This isn’t pretty, so brace yourselves.


Caption: Everybody thinks that anyone who disagrees with this president is a racist and they are against him and all his new ideas for our country because he’s black. But i don’t think that is why hard working Americans don’t like him the fact that he’s black is like the 5th thing wrong with him……..If we let him he will destroy the America that we love…. How did Thomas jefferson know when he said Democracy will cease to exsist when when we take from the people that are willing to work and give to the ones who aren’t.


Caption:I have to reply to the negro that said i was a redneck, from a red state, far from it pal I’m italian and grew up in brooklyn around flatbush. I’m just saying he is a liar a progressive liberal and a socialist that is tearing apart the fiber of the nation. I believe all these entitlement programs are just reperations to all the coloreds in this country. Your man Obama will ruin this country if we give him a chnace. lets hope we can stop him before it’s to late……….

Sol Gross all of us clinging to our guns and religion need to set this nation free


Caption: First Michelle… now us!!!



Benjamin Willen like anything to blacks isn’t racist. they get special treatments for their color and they take advantage of that and then as soon as someone makes the slightest remark, “OH HELL NO HE DIDN’T” but can whites complain for even a second that blacks treat whites worse now.


Benjamin Willen there need to be chickens deep fried then we can call it racist. still funny

Kristian Newell bet they got a KFC in there.


Caption: obama baby picture

Sol Gross more like Kenyan Fried Chicken

Christian Bradley hey rose get the fuck over it no one wants him he lied to get in there so hes a fucking nigger and i don’t give a shit if hes my president so fuck of you dumb bitch

Teabag Rose chicken, is the black man’s steak lol




Caption: Don’t forget to pay your taxes….

Muchas gracias!

21 million illegal aliens are depending on you!


Caption: Chewbacca’s less scary!


Ralph Bertin Lysius NO! he let them niggers go frolicking all over the place doing all kinds of sinful nigger acts. FUCK LINCOLN AND FUCK OBAMA!


Gerald Van Hooser She would fuck anything that wasn’t White. Pure trash she was


Benjamin Willen hes shocked to see what a black person actually looks like



Caption: This is the choice piece for Obama’s posse.


Caption: Mug shots, notice the shirts

Hugh Hillenbrand Acorn Company Profile

Sol Gross I can’t remember the last time I saw this many dumbasses all in one spot!

Duane Gumm Wow, this is too good, a photo says a thousand words!!!

John Gullo dey beez waitin’ fo dey free stuff


Sherry Sylvester this is awsome

S Mokey Krum ready to play Sherry? I want to pick the watermelon piece, you can be the bucket of chicken LOL

John Gullo Can I be the pack of Newports?


Sol Gross That’s my point ~ impeach him


Mike Alfaro Don’t forget he’s still the President, Bob, but that’s just for legal purposes. Did you know that a .223 round only costs 35 cents? In that note, it would also be cheaper.


  1. fogiv

    Only one fear was greater than the fear of black rebellion in the new American colonies.  That was the fear that discontented whites would join black slaves to overthrow the existing order.

    –Howard Zinn

  2. the Moose. It gives them even more exposure. I understand that shining a light on this kind of behavior can be a good things at times, but I’m not so sure this is a good idea.

  3. DeniseVelez

    has a diary up right now on the rec list  discussing the latest racist garbage – Michelle Obama being compared to a chimp.

    I believe it is very import for those of us who are left of center to get the full monty on what is being spewed out there.

    thanks for this.

  4. Despite my haircut, and partial German heritage, I am not a big fan of skinheads, and despite being raised in the South, I am not a big fan of racist asstards, but that being said, folks being out in the open with this crap is a lot safer than a bunch of basements and less than public places.

    The best way to refute racism, especially in public, is with humor and derision. They want drama. They want persecution. That feeds their desire to be Special Flowers. That feeds their need to be a part of something “dangerous.”

    Validating these things by taking down their asshattery doesn’t make them go away, it only forces them into dens like Stormfront and less well known sites.

    Exposing folks to this crap goes both ways. Yes, it will draw in some folks who are already inclined, and it will repel others who might have been on the fence. We lead by example, and it’s damn hard to be supportive of folks’ rights to free speech, and then call for silencing folks for being dumb.

    Free speech protections, and as a value aren’t to protect popular speech. Comfortable speech. Comfortable views. It is exactly to protect folks who are unpopular. And that goes for racist asstards. I don’t have to like them, or their message, to still think that it’s important to not let their rights be trampled upon–and on the related note, to feed and validate their paranoia and asshatery.

    FB can certainly restrict them–but I’d rather have them out in the open than underground.  

  5. linfar

    Practically the first thing I learned in j-school–USC on scholarship–is that repeating crap only brings attention to the CRAP!! Inotherwords, repeating it, does the job of getting the message out. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. This is the way to kill shit like this.  And use the space to write about the things one wants people to hear about. I have been dumbfounded for decades now how the Left does the job of the Right by repeating every single talking point ad infinitum. This is in fact how the right gained and keeps traction with the public.  

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