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5150: On the Dangers of Dipshitism

Apologies if this post is a little too ‘inside blogball’ for the some of the Moose/lurker set. I hope you’ll indulge me anyway.

Remember the TexasDarlin’ (TD), the spurious Democrat and progressive blogger, elevated to infamy during the flame-rich primaries for her incendiary diaries? Once a member of the pro-Hillary royal court at MyDD, she dominated the w[REC]k list along with fellow gold-polishers like Alegre (Is This Snark?) for much of 2008. When things started to look bad for Hillary’s chances re: securing the Democratic nomination for POTUS, TD went all PUMA-licious on our collective ass, and started her own little blight of site — once all her racist drivel triggered the ban-hammer at every sane place on the web. A horde of mindless, pitchfork-and-torch wielding PUMA Patriots happily followed unto the breach, readily trading their Hillary is My Hero fanny-packs for a sparkly set of Sarah Palin pom-poms. A perfectly sensible shift of political loyalty, if you’re a completely fatuous muttonhead.


Anyway, TD recruited a Birfer harpy with the nom de douche “DrKate” from (IIRC) Larry Johnson’s NoQuater Whitey’s Discount Video Shoppe, to feature-write for her little Kompendium of Teh Krazy. TD has since faded away, and her viper pit has ceased writhing; it’s gone dark some months ago (speculation: committed to an institution? wishful thinking: Syphilis). DrKate on the other paw, a self-proclaimed warrior for the Constitution, is still going strong. A quick perusal of her across-the-board disgusting blog indicates that she’s managed to eclipse her prior patron’s reproachable asshattery.  DrKate’s take on the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood is excerpted (in part) below the fold, so brace yourselves, ’cause this stuff is Take-It-To-Eleventy nuts.

DrKate’s frenzied analysis of the Ft. Hood tragedy occurs in a conspiracy-speckled sputum entitled “Sleeper Cells”.  It begins thus:

The idea of  ‘sleeper cells’ emerging at ‘appropriate’ times to perform heinous acts is a well known revolutionary tactic, and is not new to readers of this blog.

In the post How to Brainwash a Nation, two videos were presented which spoke about the communist plan to infiltrate America, with the emergence of the ‘sleepers’ at appropriate time to perform a function-usually to disrupt, agitate, and yes, sometimes to commit seemingly ‘random’ acts of violence.

…and we’re off to the races!  You can almost smell what comes later in the piece (of shit).

Obama Playing with Fire, at Americans’ Expense

After about four shootings in the last several months, increasing heinous crimes being committed under sharia law, and now this shooting at Fort Hood, I hope Americans are beginning to see that this is not random.

Lame Cherry has been on this issue for months, warning us all that Obama would bring the unleashing of terror within America.  If you saw Obama as the Nation awaited for a statement from him, and looked at his eyes, you did not see remorse.  You saw him looking like when he killed the fly on national TV, and addressed our troops…don’t believe me?  Look at this photo*.  He had been briefed as to what was going on.  This man is cold.

*Hyperlinked photo included to save you the trouble.


WTF?  This woman is completely delusional.  She continues with a rhetorical flourish that sounds like it’s culled from the Glenn Beck Handbook of Insipid Nativism.

The key question is, what is our response? Do we prove Obama ‘right’ and react in violence?  Do we cower under the cover of excuse, or ‘political correctness’, or fear of being prosecuted under ‘hate crimes’ legislation? Or do we stand as citizens, under the cover of our Constitution, and reject this insidious assault on our senses, sovereignty, and sensibilities?

Oh, and isn’t it interesting that this should happen on the eve of the vote on health care ‘reform’ the take over of another sector of the American economy?

Ahhhhhhh, now I get it.  Obama has unleashed his ‘sleeper cell’ full of Moos-lum attack dogs as a way to distract Americans!  It’s a diversion so the Great Black Satan can pass that God-Hatin’, socialist healthcare bill! To arms!

They are fighting us now.  Hang on if you can.  They will NOT prevail.  Keep your eyes wide open, if you see or sense danger do not ignore it, or blame yourself for having that feeling.  Watch for it, call it out, protect yourself, family and community. Do not give them an excuse…they are trying to provoke Americans.

See, this is the kind of shit that profit-minded shock merchants like Glenn Beck, Gordon Liddy, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and a handful of other irresponsible fuckwits fuel with their thinly-veiled disparagements toward Barack Obama’s otherness, toward Muslims (here and abroad), and generally all people who don’t look or talk like them.  The first comment response to this steaming pile comes from Mary, who I recognize from TD’s old site.

Yo’ve [sic] got it bang on, dr kate.

I am willing to bet that the entire Ft. Hood massacre originated with oilsoc’s puppet masters. Finding a disgruntled sociopath whom they could branwash [sic] into commiting [sic] mass murder at the world’s biggest US Army base would be child’s play for people who suborned our media and judicial system.

Why would they do this?


1. Pick a Muslim assassin to rile up American’s anti-Muslim sentiment so we turn our anger away from obama and Congress and toward the Muslims.

2. Stage the massacre to distract from anti-health bill dissent two days before Pelousy’s [sic] bill come up for a vote. Note: her bill has everything n it that obama wants: death panels; huge Medicare cuts; heavy punishments for resistsers [sic]; and, of course, the public option. She put everything back in that Americans wanted taken out.

3. Stage the massacre to distract from the Dec. 7 Copenhagen Climate Change meeting whose aim is not to clean up the environment, but to destroy the US.

4. Stage the massacre to distract from the announcement that unemployment is now double-digit.

5. Stage the massacre to distract from the anti-obama groundswell evidenced by dem losses in NJ an VA, and near-loss in NY 23.

You can fill in the rest.

btw, notice how the 0MSM has edited film of obama’s speech to cut out his grinning, inappropriate behavior and remarks following the massacre. Is there still doubt in anyone’s mind that the 0MSM is “just following orders” from those who want to take over the world and are using obama as their front man?

I was going to go through and highlight all the crazy bits in the above, but as you can imagine, it was a chore to decide which parts were nuttier than others.  All of it made the cut. The bitter and pathetic paranoia that oozes from these meatheads is most certainly worthy of all the scorn decent Americans can muste
r.  This is the fringe of the fringe, and this sort of stuff has always been an element of U.S. politics, but what troubles me now is the intermingling of these types with more standard right-wing movements.



Witness the ridiculous Hitler/Nazi/Commie/Fascist slogans appearing at townhalls across the country, cropping up at these silly and seemingly incessant Teabagger protests.



Witness the vicious beating of a Greek priest by a United States Marine, because he looked like a terrorist.



Witness the man in Pittsburgh who shot and killed three police officers back in April. The gunman feared “the Obama gun ban that’s on the way” and “didn’t like our rights being infringed upon.”


What’s most disturbing is that the kind of conspiratorial rhetoric that DrKate spews is of the sort that taps into and feeds upon fear of ‘the other’.  This sad view is no longer relegated to the likes of irrelevant ultra-right militia types, at least not to he degree that it usually is. Today, it lies just beneath the surface of the mainstream, and is clearly influencing the GOP agenda.  Just recently, we’ve witnessed Republican members of the United States Congress take active roles in Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s (R-MN) House Call rally, a demonstration rife with references to death panels and the Holocaust.  No less than the house Minority Leader, Rep. John “Spray-On Orange Alert” Boehner (R-OH) was in attendance, helping whip the crowd into a frothing mass of blubbery white nationalism.  A veritable an orgy of racism, anti-semitism, bigotry, and hate.

Tea Party Patriots imagine themselves the brave defenders of whatever the hell they think it means to be American, and liken themselves to the founding fathers.  The problem with this delusion is that the United States isn’t a fucking monarchy.  We’re a representative democracy, currently governed by a legitimately elected majority.  We have no tyrant, and yet there are calls for revolution.  

You think these lunatics are unhinged now?  Wait until the Obama Administration tackles immigration reform. I fear there may be very dark days ahead for this nation.


  1. Hollede

    I get little drips and drops of this lunacy on the tv machine, but lack the intestinal fortitude to wade into these sorts of cesspools.

    I don’t even have words to respond to this delusional shit. I just want to say to them: “Yeah and last night on V the FBI agent Erica had to protect one of the bad aliens…that really sucked.”

  2. Shaun Appleby

    That crazy period was the beginning of the end for MyDD.  And it wasn’t like there were just a few of them either.  For self-righteous, sanctimonious and sickening fluff, though, I have to say Allegre was in a class of her own.

  3. creamer

    It seems the blogosphere has pulled back the veil on the freak show we live in.

    Do you find yourself not having political converstions with people for fear they might reveal themselves as a fucking loon?

  4. HappyinVT

    First of all, anyone who supported Hillary and now supports Palin is blinded by their own gender bias.  Having a woman as president for the sake of having a woman as president does a disservice to us.  I want a woman to win the election on merit not body parts.  Additionally, just as criticism of President Obama is not always (often?) about racism, criticism of Palin or Clinton is not about gender.  Yes, woman are still judged differently than men; that will continue long after we do have our first Madam President.  And at the risk of sounding like I’m blaming the victim, Palin seemed willing to use her looks to her advantage.  Frankly, I don’t see the appeal but I like a decent personality to augment the looks.

    I’d be lying if I said I’d have been disappointed had Hillary been the Democratic nominee.  During the heat of the primary I even said that I might be willing to vote for McCain over Clinton.  I meant it at the time, too.  I’d like to think I’d have quickly changed my mind when the time came, especially given McCain’s policy positions and the crappy way he ran his campaign.  (Wonder who the VP selection would have been.)

    But, if Hillary was president I’d also like to think I’d rally behind her, wish her the best of luck, and work to pass those agenda items I agree with.  I certainly wouldn’t think she was going to let loose some lesbian death squads or make abortions free to all women everywhere or whatever nonsense the PUMA equivalents (if there were any) would come up with.

    By the way, someone needs to look up “remorse” in the dictionary

    If you saw Obama as the Nation awaited for a statement from him, and looked at his eyes, you did not see remorse.  

    The president has nothing to feel remorseful about.  And, anyone who bothered to watch his speech at the memorial, and had a couple of brain cells to rub together, would know that he was deeply saddened.

    So, screw anyone on the Left or the Right who shares these kinds of attitudes.  

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