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Basic Civics Too Complicated for House Minority Leader

Not much of a diary because I have to go get ready for class shortly, but I just couldn’t let this pass. Here we have Republican John Boehner speaking outside the US Capitol, asserting that “PelosiCare” represents the “greatest threat to freedom” he’s seen since joining Congress. There are a number of problems with this little rant, but the most embarrassing comes around the 2:30 mark.

Yeah. That would be our fucking House Minority Leader confusing the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. And Bachmann nodding and quoting along in the background.

Am I the only one who’s amused, embarrassed, and disgusted all at the same time?


  1. HappyinVT

    From Wonkette

    Akin spokesman Steve Taylor said the congressman acknowledges having had “a little bit of a Justice Roberts type of moment,” blaming it on “a little echo of the speakers.”

    “It is not a problem with knowledge or understanding,” Taylor said. “Everyone at some point in their life will have some difficulty with execution or elocution.”

    Maybe, but usually not after bragging for two minutes, before a crowd of thousands, on Capitol Hill, about how well you know it and how much you love it, five years after you “proposed the Pledge Protection Act to keep federal courts from ruling on its constitutionality.”

  2. HappyinVT

    I don’t find any of this funny any more because the fearmongering rhetoric of Bachman, Boehner, Grassley, et al led some asshole to think this was somehow appropriate.


    It’s a bit fuzzy but it says “National Socialist Healthcare  Dachau, Germany – 1945.”

    As someone who has been to Dachau, who has to accept that her mother’s relatives took some part in what happened in Hitler’s Germany I find this beyond offensive.  Calls to the offices of (not by me because I would probably have gotten a visit by some Feds by now for what I had to say) Bachmann and Boehner were greeted with “it was just one sign by one person.”  Screw that!  Bachmann and the rest of the loony right wing have been perpetuating the lie about FEMA re-education camps and death panels while doing nothing to stop the Nazi, Commie, Fascist crap their supporters let loose.  They own this and I hate them for it.

    Lastly, I heard (so I cannot confirm) that Steve King of Iowa autographed a sign that read “Ken-ya Trust Obama” because he apparently thought that was appropriate.

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