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Monday October 26, 2009: The Day in Tubes

Apparently Sarah Palin is going to be on Oprah Winfrey’s show. I am not a fan of Oprah, but Sarah and Oprah might be an interesting pair to watch. Headzup gives us a preview.


There is another book coming out on Sarah Palin. It’s called “Going Rouge”, and looks hilarious. More from VideoNation and The Insider.

Now there is a book I will check out from the library.

Political Espionage in Virginia: A Facebook Funny or Critical Breach?

Virginia legislator Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock) not only stole campaign material from his opponent on Friday, he also had the hubris to brag about the achievement on his Facebook fan page.

“My opponent is dropping a negative mail piece in the mail in the morning…No need to worry about how we got a picture of it in advance” reads Gilbert’s fan page above a photograph of his opponent’s mailer. The picture was posted before the mailer was delivered to a single home.

While the idea of a candidate bragging on his Facebook page about his unethical escapades is a little funny at first (ok, it’s hilarious), there may be more serious implications. Specifically, Virginia Democrats are worried that critical microtargeting data may have been compromised, both for Gilbert’s opponent, John Lesinski and for other Democratic candidates in Virginia.

What's happening with gas prices?

Did anyone notice their gasoline prices going up in the past week. Ours in the Eastern Panhandle of WV went up around $.20 a gallon… and I’m not sure why (unless the oil and gas industry is trying to get us upset with the current administrations (state and federal) before any elections come up in 2010.

Then I got an e-mail with a petition to Congress in it from a group called “Stop Oil Speculation Now” blaming the increased price on unregulated oil speculators on Wall Street – you know, the guys who got us over $4.00 a gallon before the  2008 elections –  and urging us to tell our elected officials that we are against this and want them regulated.

Have I Said Recently How Much the Military Opposition Piss Me Off?

Amid a wealth of opportunity to criticize America’s use of force (whether/how/how much…) the ignorant bastards our folks are engaged against in Iraq and Afghanistan never cease to provide reasons to be much more pissed off at them.

During the height of the Iraq war the call to pull all US troops out of the country was balanced against the daily piles of corpses created by the various opposition groups, many mutilated in virtually incomprehensible fashion.  The destruction of the Blue Mosque

The Week in Tubes, October 19 ~ October 23, 2009. Part I

The Onion with breaking heart news in the fencing world!

Is nothing sacred anymore? Please, help protect the honorable sport of fencing from bad behavior!!

We were a bit distracted last week from real news. Lee Camp explains.

An analyst from MSNBC commented that the country probably lost billions of dollars in productivity, because we were all watching a giant silver mushroom floating around Colorado. Jon Stewart had the funniest line I heard. He said on the day we all thought that there was a child in the balloon, everyone was saying “OMG, save balloon boy!” The next day everyone was saying, “OMG, kill balloon boy!”

Karl Rove has been a wee bit upset with the White House lately.

Krugman is wrong: Why China won't revalue

Cross-posted at River Twice Research.

For years, Americans have been fulminating about China and its policy toward currency. While many of the debates are technical and laden with econo-speak, they boil down to the simple conviction that China is unfairly manipulating its currency to keep it undervalued against the dollar. The result is to give China unfair advantages in trade – flooding the US with cheap goods, hurting labor wages world-wide, and accumulating massive surpluses in the process. That view is again articulated by Paul Krugman in today’s New York Times ( which ends with the firm statement: “Something must be done about China’s currency.”

BREAKING: An Anonymous Source Said Stuff

Like lemmings to the sea, the blogsphere is all abuzz because a bunch of people are reporting anonymous sources are saying the White House wants a trigger in the final bill to keep Senator Olympia Snowe’s vote.

Of course the White House denies this, and Valerie Jarrett is on record saying so, but those anonymous sources; Senior Democratic aides, Senate staffers “familiar” with a meeting, keep saying otherwise.

And journalists, in their never ending desire to sell newspaper and bring traffic to their site, are running with their journalistic malpractice of making stories without independent confirmation, just anonymous sources, reminding me once again why I want out of the journalism business.

Thoughts on 2012 – Open Thread

No, you won’t learn about Mayan calendars or solar maxima in this post. This is about a different event in 2012. November 6, 2012, to be more exact. That’s still a ways off, but I thought I’d pontificate a bit about it now, even though making predictions about details this far ahead would be kind of silly.

We don’t know who the GOP will put forward. It could be any of 4-5. It might even be a dark horse candidate. Maybe Sarah will go rogue and run as the Conservative Party candidate. Please, please, please…

It would be safer to make the prediction that President Obama will be the Democratic candidate, although that is not a sure thing. Sitting presidents have faced primary challenges in the past. It all depends on events, some President Obama has no control over.

I will make one prediction. And, it comes with conditionals. If the economy improves and most people believe it has improved, if we start withdrawing troops from Iraq, if Afghanistan or Pakistan don’t go too badly, and if there is no terrorist attack on the United States, then President Obama will be re-elected in a landslide. There’s a flaw in that reasoning, but I’d rather leave other possibilities unsaid.

Now, on the other hand, if those things all go badly President Obama may not be the Democratic candidate in 2012. If they go really badly we might even end up with a Republican president.

Some of you may be surprised by the omission of health care reform on that list. The way I see it, the only way health care might negatively affect the President in 2012 is if reform passes and people don’t like it. That may be why so much of it doesn’t kick in until 2013. I think the Democrats will be hurt at the polls in 2010 if they don’t pass something. I don’t think people will hold that failure against the President in 2012. Especially if he can convince people that it was Congress’ failure and he can do it during his second term.

My hope is that health care reform is signed into law before the end of this year. I also hope that both wars go well, the economy continues to improve, and there is no terrorist attack. That sounds like a good letter to write to Santa. I wonder if I could text it to him?

What prompted this line of thought was an election map of the 1952 election. Ike kicked Adlai Stevenson’s butt that year. When I saw it, I thought to myself that 2012 could turn out to be just the opposite of that map. Take a look for yourself.