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Kyl Hit with Local Ads Showing His No-Need-For-Maternity-Care Statement

The Democratic Party just bought airtime for an ad to air in Senator John Kyl’s home state of Arizona featuring his infamous “I don’t need maternity care” statement. The ad will begin airing Monday in the two largest media markets in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson. A DNC spokesperson said the ad will run indefinitely.

Yesterday, the DNC announced that Kyl would be focused in its “Call ‘Em Out” campaign and released a web video attacking Kyl for engaging in fear-mongering and lies. The DNC is also using traditional phonebanking and letter writing campaigns in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook as part of its Call ‘Em Out campaign against Kyl.

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Read the transcript of the ad:

TEXT:  Do Republicans oppose requiring insurance companies to provide maternity care?

Kyl:  Well first of all, I don’t need maternity care…

TEXT:  Of course you don’t need maternity care…

Kyl:  …and so requiring that to be in my insurance policy is something that I don’t need and will make the policy more expensive

TEXT:  …but how do you think you came into this world?

Sen Stabenow: If I could just object once with my colleague I think your mom probably did.

TEXT:  Does Jon Kyl think all insurance policies should be required to cover maternity care?

Kyl:  Yeah… over sixty years ago my mom did.



  1. Hollede

    This is an excellent strategy. Use their own batshit crazy rhetoric against them. We need more strong ads and work like this to protect our leads in the house and senate in 2010.

    Thanks for the diary and link Dawn.

  2. louisprandtl

    different cares that is covered under his/her insurance. It is a surely a stupid. thoughtless and inhumae comment from Jon Kyl.

    Anyway somebody forwarded me this clip of Shep Smith at FoxNews (!) berating Congressman Barasso on his take on Public option in healthcare. Maybe somebody in Capital Hill ought to pay attention to Shep’s arguments in favor of public option…Only thing I cannot believe this was on FoxTV!

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