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A Simple Suggestion

It occurred to me today how the Obama Administration (and the rest of us), should move the health care debate along this fall. After a long hot season of broiling hot Town Halls, Tea Bagging Parties, and a frightening increase in violent rhetoric, the Democratic Party could effectively turn the summer of 2009 back against the party of no. It is called a backlash and I have begun seeing the seeds of it starting already.

I am suggesting launching an all out assault against the lunatic fringe, insurance companies, and Republicans that have managed to control the issue up until this point. And it should be unleashed upon the American population, just as the fall sporting events heat up and the new television fall line up begins. A few well placed commercials on the season premieres of House and 30 Rock would go a long way.

Most of the commercials could be directed at the moderate middle. Those people who do not pay that much attention to politics, but are being influenced by the vocal minority who have been making such a fuss these past few months.

I say use Harry and Louise in a better fashion. Put up H & L together with their kids and grandchildren, and let them talk about the freak show that has been happening over health care reform. I could see a lot of pertinent perspectives covered amongst the three generations.

Other commercials could be a bit edgier. Something in the line of the Truth about Tobacco campaign. Use the worst and most horrific sounds and images from the town halls and other anti reform psycho’s.

Finally, on the intertubes, we could be even more provocative. Make fun of the lunatics. Use them against them. Show the real nonsense out there, and get that shit to go viral.

I actually believe that if the truth gets out, we will see a lot of minds being changed very quickly. We cannot let the crazies continue to win the hearts and minds of the American people. If we stick what is happening right in their faces, I believe most Americans will turn away in shock and disgust. We must cut the nut sacks off of the lunatic right and show their stinking gangrenous infections to America. We must discredit the opposition now.

I do not think it is too late. We still have time, but we better move fast, or the most important issue of our generation will be lost. I am not interested in facing the consequences of that sort of defeat.

Are you?


  1. creamer

     It would seem that when the left and the right scream at each other, the center just covers its ears and waits for the volume to come down. I agree with almost everything said in the rant upstream, but short of the health benifits of venting, I see no positive outcome. It is time to continue to speak the truth, expose the lies and lack of answers of the right. Right now a lot of people looking at images of protesters comparing Obama to Hitler, and saying totaly stupid things as loud as possible at town halls has to be questioning the position of the republican/insurance lobby.

    Our enemy is the insurance industry and the congress people who do their bidding.

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