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OMG (updated with USSS comin' a knockin')

I can’t take much more of this.  I really can’t.  As much as I despise George Bush, Dick Cheney, George Tenet, and Donald Rumsfeld for their policies, I truly would never wish (or pray) for their deaths.  I would never sit in a church that prayed for them to die.

But surely, you think, there isn’t a church in this country where such a thing could happen.

Yeah, well…

“I don’t obey Barack Obama. And I’d like Barack Obama to melt like a snail tonight,” [Pastor Steven] Anderson said in the sermon.

The sermon, which was titled “Why I Hate Barack Obama” and also contained virulent anti-gay themes, continued:

“… you’re going to tell me that I’m supposed to pray for the socialist devil, murderer, infanticide, who wants to see young children and he wants to see babies killed through abortion and partial-birth abortion and all these different things — you’re gonna tell me I’m supposed to pray for God to give him a good lunch tomorrow while he’s in Phoenix, Arizona?

Nope. I’m not gonna pray for his good. I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell.”

This pastor is to whom the AR-15 totin’ Chris in Arizona apparently looks to for spiritual guidance, having attended this “service” the day before he become infamous for exercising his right to bear arms while the president was in town.

Chris Broughton, the man who brought an assault rifle and a handgun to the Obama event in Arizona last week, attended a fiery anti-Obama sermon the day before the event, in which Pastor Steven Anderson said he was going to “pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell”, Anderson confirmed to TPMmuckraker today.

Seriously, this supposed Christian thinks it appropriate to pray for anyone to die?!  I know I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this but I still am continuously amazed by these loonies.  Instead of praying for the president to find his way (and change his opinions), which seems like it would be the correct Christian think to do, asshole “Pastor” decides it’s better to pray for the president to die.


This on top of the inappropriate comment made Rex Rammell, an Idaho gubenatorial candidate, during a discussion on the upcoming wolf hunt for which hunters need to purchase wolf tags.

After an audience member shouted a question about “Obama tags” during a discussion on wolves, Rammell responded, “The Obama tags? We’d buy some of those.”

Rammell, a veterinarian and former elk rancher from Idaho Falls, said his comment was a joke and he would never seriously talk about President Obama that way, although he doesn’t support anything Obama’s done as president.

“I was just being sarcastic. That was just a joke,” Rammell said. “I would never support him being assassinated.

“She kind of caught me off guard, to be honest with you.”

This may not seem like a big deal, and maybe it isn’t.  But it is just another in a long line of really offensive, stupid, crass, tone deaf, ignorant…things that have been said in the last seven months.  I don’t know if I can last 7 1/2 years.

Something’s going to happen one of these days.  Someone is going to get hurt.  And people like Anderson will say, “Oops, that’s not what I intended.”  Or, “Sorry, I’m not responsible because…”  Or, more realistically, Anderson and his ilk will praise whomever as a hero, just as they do Dr. Tiller’s alleged killer.

People like Rammell will say, “I was just joking.”  Or, “My remarks were taken out of context.”

UPDATE because the original comment wan’t offensive enough:

(Late update: Rammell tweeted today about the controversy. “Obama hunting tags was just a joke! Everyone knows Idaho has no jurisdiction to issue tags in Washington D.C.,” he wrote.)

Apparently, Mr. Rammell is pretty far out there even for Idahoan Republicans, and the state Republican party has released a statement distancing themselves from the idiocy.


CNN analyst Mike Brooks reports that the Secret Service has interviewed Anderson, who told TPMmuckraker yesterday: “To be honest with you, I have prayed for Obama to die. I’m not the only one, I’m just the only one with the spine to say it.”

Here’s the relevant bit of the segment, in which Rich Sanchez interviews Brooks and former Secret Service agent Scott Alswang:

A reminder that this is who they hate.



  1. anna shane

    the world is changing and they cant’ stop it.  Not different from Islamic fundamentalists who also hate America, cause our culture subverts all others.  They guys are dead and don’t know it, but in the meantime they can sting, and I hope Barack is taking it seriously and not taking any more strolls that make his bodyguards nervous.  A brave man keeps himself safe.  The death threats against him are 400 percent higher than those against George. and not cause George was better liked, or trusted, just cause those of us in the mainstream and on the left don’t believe in violence and think killing is wrong.  

    It’s a crime to threaten the president, but these guys manage to do it by not staying it directly.  So, they’re allowed, but we should all be very afraid.  And afraid for the first family and hope they’ll take precaution very very seriously.  

  2. who don’t maintain a very Christian outlook.

    Gay themes aside, I have lately been questioning folks who seem upset by gay marriage, and asking them if they are likewise willing to take folks to task who violate the Ten Commandments.

    Not the Seven Deadly sins, but the Big Ten.  Theft, murder, and especially in how it relates to politics today, adultery.

    I ask them this, because Leviticus is chock full of things that Yahweh doesn’t like. Mixing of fibers, pork, and teh ghey.  

    I ask them this, because while Jehovah laid down the law in Leviticus about a lot of things, Elohim, also laid out a whole new set of things that WILL get you on the straight path to Hell in Deuteronomy.  While Leviticus certainly comes first, Moses got a covenant with Elohim which was a bit different than the Noahic, and Abrahamic, and even different than the one that was laid down with Jacob.  

    Which brings us to an odd pass. Leviticus puts teh ghey on equal footing with a pulled pork sammich or heading down for a Two For One Shrimp boil at Red Lobster, and yet, we have no hellfire, brimstone, or calls for removal from office those who break the Big Ten of Commandments.

    Even the New Covenant doesn’t abrogate the responsibilities laid down earlier. Which means that the Nazarene didn’t let folks off the hook entirely.  If anything, Jesus reiterates the immutability of the covenant between Elohim and the Israelites.

    Which brings us back to the oddness that puts the rules and laws of Leviticus somehow above the Big Ten.  So many of these hellfire and brimstone types sort of gloss over the importance of the Ten.  God above all others, they’ll back.  Less about taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Less still about honoring mothers and fathers. Murder is high on the list, but not high enough to make killing folks entirely out of context.  Stealing, not so high either apparently, and certainly not that whole bearing of false witness, and we can pretty much forget messages against the wholesale coveting issues.

    What’s odd, is that bringing up the idea of Mosaic Covenant being more important that the rules and laws of Leviticus–which apparently got rewrote with the New Covenant of Jesus, save for the parts which let folks hate on their gay brethren and sistren, but not so much on those who mix fibers or nosh on crawdads–doesn’t appear to make much of a dent in folks.

    I have yet to get a good answer for this from anyone who wants to bang that particular drum.  Why are those who routinely break the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Covenant less likely to draw ire than those who break the tenets of Leviticus, when those have been rewritten by that pesky New Covenant?

    Mosaic, Davidic, Lot, Abrahamic, Israel Covenants still stand, but somehow they’re less important than the laws of Leviticus?  As a Buddhist, perhaps I missed something important, but I did pay attention in Bible Study, and this is a question that truly does confuse me.  

  3. NavyBlueWife

    Happy, I don’t know if you are on Facebook, but your post got a lot of comments that are worth reading.  This is a fabulous post, and I agree with you! 🙂

    You should be able to see our public Facebook Fan page here.

  4. DTOzone

    My father went to the doctor the other day to get his checkup. He has high blood pressure and some sort of minor fungal infection on his hands that are causing the skin to die and itchiness. His doctor told him he’d better “get better soon” because he won’t be able to get the same care when “Obamacare” passes because he’ll be required to treat illegal immigrations before him and the government will tell him he can’t have the medication he wants (My parents live in Suffolk County, New York where xenophobia is rampant, even among Democrats…especially among Democrats). He wonders if McCain was a better choice now because McCain wouldn’t “allow government run health care”

    My grandmother went to church last Sunday and the whole sermon was about how Jesus would be opposed to government healthcare because Pontious Pilate killed him and Pontious Pilate was government or something to that effect. She also thinks she should’ve voted for McCain.

    This is on Long Island btw, not Arkansas or Kentucky…highly educated Democratic Long Island.  

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