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No on 1: Why Maine Matters This Year

(Also at Nevada Progressive)

This fall, Maine will face a special election. And no, this isn’t just any special election. Once more, LGBT families are under attack. This time, the same H8ful forces that stripped millions of Californians of their Constitutional rights want to do the same evil thing in Maine.

This must stop. We must stop the radical right’s assault on LGBT families, and we have a chance to do so in Maine this year.

Today, Equality Maine, GLAD, and all the other grassroots groups working together on the No on 1 campaign released their first campaign ad. It’s the ad I embedded at the top of this diary. And frankly, I think it does a good job of putting a human face on this issue.

Believe it or not, this is NOT about some abstract concept or much adieu about some nothing of complicated legalese. This is people’s lives that are being affected. Real people will be hurt if their families are denied the legal recognition and basic human dignity afforded to everyone else.

Wedding plans have already been postponed because of Question 1. LGBT families are waiting on pins and needles to see if the long awaited marriage equality bill that has already been signed into law can be implemented. And yes, full civil marriage equality is needed to provide these families with the same rights, responsibilities, and legal protections that straight couples already enjoy.

Here are some real Mainers who can explain far better than I why Question 1 must be defeated this fall.

Yes, unlike the opposition, we don’t need stock photos or paid actors to tell the truth about our lives and our families. However, our friends in Maine need help… And plenty of it! The opposition is already preparing to declare this a “victory for the sanctity of marriage discrimination”. They have already hired some of California’s slickest and dirtiest right-wing operatives to parachute into Maine and run a sleazy, dishonest campaign just like California’s own Prop H8. Now why should we allow some bigwig California right-wing consultants to strip many thousands of Mainers of their basic civil rights?

I’ll be honest right now. I’m not the richest queen in the world. But nonetheless, I intend to help out as much as I can to help No on 1 win so that Mainers can have the freedom to marry that was denied to me when I was California… And is still being denied to me in Nevada today. State by state, these discriminatory marriage bans are going down. If we can defeat this one in Maine, then we can help the people their protect their rights and learn how to help more people in more states secure their civil rights.

I just chipped in $10 today, and I’m looking over my October calendar now to see if I can fit a “volunteer vacation” into my schedule. If you donate today, every dollar you give (up to $10,000!) will be matched, so now’s a good time to get the campaign started. And if you have family and friends in Maine, see if you can pay them a visit this fall and spend some time helping protect their freedom to marry who they love.



  1. HappyinVT

    that the Westboro “Baptist” Church is going to be in Vermont on September 1 to remind us what happens when you grant teh gays the right to marry.  They are going to spend a half hour at different locations, including a high school and two synagogues.  They piss me off in general but that they are targeting a high school as kids are arriving is doubly offensive.  Apparently only 10 people are coming from KS so I don’t know how much noise they’ll make.

    Pro-marriage folks have decided not to challenge them directly because it would play into their strategy.  There is a “Community Meeting of Solidarity in the Face of Hate Speech” planned for the night before.  I can go to that; it’s right around the corner from where I work.

  2. if one of our many LGBT Moosers would write a form letter for emailing Congress about DOMA and DADT. Is there no one who is a good writer that can take the time to do this?

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