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Hitler . . .

I stumbled upon this essay over at Kos.

Found it fascinating enough for me to write a “diary” on it.

“So you wanna talk about Hilter . . .”


We’ve seen the new meme as of late by Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and the corporate anti health care enablers to call President Obama a racist and compare him to Adolf Hitler. Thankfully, there’s a lot of push back to this disturbing trend, ranging from the last wails of a dying breed to fascism on the rise.

As a German, I’m not only part of my people’s long collective struggle to come to grips with our past, but I have personally grappled with my own family history and how to approach a subject so fraught with emotion and almost mythical proportions. I am so reluctant and utterly shocked to even write in response to such a patently absurd comparison that borders on the mental fringes between frightfully deluded and clinically insane. However, as painful as it is, there are times when we are asked to fearlessly descend into the darkest corners of our consciousness in order to evolve and transcend, and this is one of those times.

A very interesting read.


  1. spacemanspiff

    The tenor of some of the debates has become extreme. Ms. Pelosi has accused people at recent protests of carrying signs associating the Democratic plan with Nazi swastikas and SS symbols, and some photographs showing such signs have been posted on the Web.

    On Thursday, the talk show host Rush Limbaugh said the administration’s health care logo was itself similar to a Nazi symbol.

    Let me just say.

    Any sceenwriter would show me this script and I would of laughed.

    Obama is a Nazi?

    Obama is Joker?

    Obama-ism Pictures, Images and Photos

    I want this poster by the way.

    I think a lot of young people will gravitate towards the “coolness” of the pic.

    They don’t see what others see. That’s from my prespective and seeing the

    kids loving it on Facebook.

    Could be a best selling poster. Could flame out.

    I know I want one and I don’t even know why.

  2. and this morning talking to our neighbors Susan and Jimmy, good ole folks from a place not far away that makes Swannanoa (pop. 4,526), NC seem like the Big City.  There is a diary coming to go along with this, but while the local rag front pages a bus-tour of wingnuts with a headline of “Obamacare might kill you!”, Susan and Jimmy voted for Obama and aren’t buying any of it.  If the Grand Ole Fringe aren’t winning Susan and Jimmy with their rhetoric of fear then they really aren’t winning over many at all.

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