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Bill Clinton to the Rescue

In a heart wrenching surprise moment yesterday morning, Former President Bill Clinton helped bring Laura Ling and Euna Lee home from what must been an absolutely terrifying experience in North Korea. The event brought tears to my eyes and I must say my extreme fondness for the Big Dog has grown beyond measure. And my admiration for President Obama’s deftness in this matter is bursting at the seams.  

Goodness, it is wonderful to have grown-ups in charge again. And it is astonishing to me, to be so proud of our government again. This is how it is supposed to work folks.

President Obama was so Obama about the matter.

Secretary of State Clinton was very clear that Former President Clinton conducted a humanitarian mission which does not alter the severity of US concern regarding North Korea’s behavior. However, it is clear that eight years of bumblefuck, cowboy antagonism is over. Diplomacy has taken it’s place, and brings us all closer to a safer world.

Of course nothing is simple these days. The opposition has already decided that this is the worst international mistake since President Obama refused to put a hit on Akmadinajad. Oh and the President has lost the stage to Bill Clinton’s. And on and on.

It must be so hard for the republicans to watch the destruction of all of their silly beliefs. Poor them.