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Thank God for Capitalist Health Care! Open Thread

God bless everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning! I wanted to share some of the virtues of our current health care system with everyone; hopefully, we can avoid the specter of Socialized Health Care the Obama administration has been hanging over our heads.

This week, I got health insurance with my new job- provided by me, and NOT leeching off the Government, thank you. Thankfully, since I have private insurance instead of one of the new “ObamaCare” plans, I didn’t have to change my daughter’s pediatrician, or my family doctor.

Now, while it’s true that the new insurance stipulates I cannot visit the same facility that my old family doctors or in, and that they will not pay for any care received there, and want me to pick from a list of pre-approved doctors to visit instead- at least I’m not being forced to by the Government.

So, what’s on your mind?


  1. creamer

     Far too many Americans are don’t have enough intrest in their future to get past the propoganda spread by the insurance industry. It pains me that the course of our country is quite often determined by money as oppossed to the truth. While legitimate discussion exist in regards to cost, what you hear from a lot of people oppossed to Obama is control. We will give up control to our government. The totally ignores the fact that for most Americans the only decisions they have is to refuse treatment, or pick what emergency room to visit.

  2. louisprandtl

    would put your treatment decisions in the hands of unknown Washington DC based Govt. bureaucrats instead of the kind unknown Connecticut/Philadelphia based insurance auditors.

  3. NavyBlueWife

    ….or does health insurance (and even property insurance) as it is now just complicate the hell outta everything?  I am on military health insurance, and damn, I see all sorts of problems with the “low-cost” benefits managing company they have in charge of it.  That, however, is a problem with government contract bidding…and nothing else.

    My husband hasn’t had any issues getting quality health care since he’s been in the military, and I think military health care is the very definition of socialist because they make all active duty members part of it.

  4. anna shane

    that it’s really mean spirited ‘workers’ and retirees who have health care and don’t want to subsidize the poor, and that calling it socialism is more palatable than selfishness? All this ‘you’ll lose your choice’ is too inaccurate to fool anyone but those who require a better explanation for being against health care for all than simple selfishness.  of course our care is already limited, that’s just not the received ‘american way’ wisdom.  

  5. DTOzone

    I asked this because you people are sane.

    I suggest, one another blog, that creating a system that gets rid of the Insurance industry right now is a bad idea because of the number of people it risks unemploying in the middle of a jobs crisis and the amount of money it would cost to revert control of healthcare to the government.

    The response was “well, we’ll make them work in the government healthcare system” to which I suggested there wouldn’t be enough jobs and it would cause a backlash if we get rid of people’s jobs and tell them if they want to keep them, they have to work for the government…this seems like Communism to me.

    And then in response I was called a Nazi because I favored “letting people keep killing people by denying them healthcare”

  6. And the ear infections are not covered in three ways:

    1/  our insurance doesn’t cover office visits of any sort

    2/  there is a six months waiting period during which these sorts of things aren’t covered

    3/  our insurance doesn’t cover ear, nose, throat, hemorrhoids or reproductive illness (there was something else in there, I forget what)

    So basically, our coverage is no particular coverage at all, it just costs us a car payment every month (nice car, too).  On the bright side I was corrected about our deductible, it’s only $10,000 (not the $20K I thought it was).  So, if someone in the family somehow got sick with something that was covered after the waiting period that didn’t include anything like cervical cancer (with daughters approaching puberty) or ovarian cancer (with a strong family history) we would only be out $10,000 cash.  

    Of course we then could never switch coverage or those things would be pre-existing conditions…  

    Ironically, the person I spoke to (who I first assured that I understood it wasn’t his fault) did not at all disagree when I told him that this is why we need to reform this mess: “Oh, I know.”

  7. creamer

      I’m begining to believe that we will get somthing called reform. It will deal with pre existing conditions, some subsidies for the poor and some kind of co-op. And while I’m not nessacarily opposed to any of those, it will neither address the uninsured in a major way or contain long term cost. We seem to have a country where corporate intrest trump public intrest and as long as people have enough room on their credit cards to feel “middle class” we won’t care.

    I don’t always agree with Howard Dean, but when he frames the debate as the insurance industry versus the American people, he’s spot on.

  8. If this health care ‘reform’ turns out to be nothing more than a way for the insurance companies and big pharma to rake in more cash then Obama and the rest of the Dems will lose my support. Reform won’t happen unless there is a strong public option. And that doesn’t mean piddly state by state co-ops. It needs to be national in scope and have benefits similar to Medicare. Anything less is unacceptable.

    I’ve been patient on DADT and DOMA. I’ve been patient on Gitmo and torture. I’ve been patient on State Secrets and inaction on the atrocious Patriot Act. I supported the stimulus bill and still do. I supported the bailout of Chrysler and GM and still do. Health care reform is where I draw the line. Fail here and I will work my ass off in the primaries against any politician who has a hand in blocking real reform.

  9. I’m just cranky after spending the last few days moving. My mood should improve as soon as we finish unpacking and the aches and pains disappear.

    Here’s my new office.

  10. Patrick O’Connor has this at Politico:

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the legislation, 31-28, on Friday after liberals and conservatives on the panel broke a two-week deadlock that threatened President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority and reached a loose accord that allowed Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) to move the bill out of his committee. Five Democrats voted against the bill, and no Republicans supported it.

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