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Gay people who support Proposition 8?

I was just stunned by this and thought I had to point this out, because I don’t think if this guy is a troll or what, but I had an exchange with someone at MyDD who claims to be gay and “a proud Centrist Democrat” (whatever that means) who supported Proposition 8.

Here’s some of what he said;  

Gay people are not a monolith; you seem to conceive of us as one large pack of sheep who all think alike, and have identical opinions on everything. Sorry to disappoint you, but quite a few of us support civil unions, and oppose gay marriage. In your angry diatribes against people of faith—be it Mormons, Catholics or Baptists (all of which you managed to disparage this week), you seem to believe that all of them think as one, and support absolutely whatever their church leadership dictates. If that were true, all Catholics would avoid birth control; trust me,honey, that’s definitely not the case.

You’d probably be shocked to know that there are African Americans who are Republicans, women who oppose abortion, and yes, gay people who oppose same sex marriage. The only reason that far left loonies like yourself feign such “empathy” for people you think of us as victims is that you want their votes. The minute a member of such a minority group wanders off your plantation (did someone say Sarah Palin? Clarence Thomas?) the hate and vitriol from “liberals” is expolosive…and ugly.

On a personal level, I’m opposed to gay marriage because it’s one more attempt by straights to have us fit their vision of the good life. “See, you can be just like us!” Most of my friends have the same reaction: why would would we want marriage? Straight people have screwed it up pretty badly; divorce rates hover around 50%.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with an elderly neighbor a few years back….she just loved “The Bill Cosby Show”, and the weekly adventures of the Huxtable family. She once told me that it was a truly great television, because it would show black folks that they can be “just like white people!”

Having said all of that, if I truly viewed this as a civil rights issue, I’d support same sex marriage without hesitation. But marriage to me is something sacramental (vs. legal), and one of those institutions in our society that is between one man and one woman. I believe that gay relationships s.b. afforded legal protections, and that civil unions will accomplish that

Not all gay people see same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue; again, we’re not just one big monolith. And I think liberals have a real problem with members of minority groups who leave the plantation.

In that vein, I’ve seen posts on MyDD which refer to:

–“the closeted David Dreir”

–“Lindsay Graham, the Senator with the light loafers”,

–“the homosexualist Charlie Crist”

As a centrist Democrat, I’ve long believed that liberals aren’t always the champions of the oppressed that they claim to be. For instance, NOW doesn’t always support women…they support LIBERAL women. And as Messrs. Dreir, Graham, and Crist might attest, liberals aren’t always as gay-supportive as their Prop 8 street demonstrations might suggest.

Voters in 29 states have said no to same sex marriage. And despite numerous posts on this site and others—telling us that the polls show a surge in support for gay marriage, and that “it’s just a matter of time”—the facts show otherwise:

57% opposed to same sex marriage, 40% in favor. Facts are stubborn things.

I don’t know whether to believe this guy or not, but I even googled “Gays against gay marriage” to find some argument like this and the only “gays against gay marriage” argument I found was a libertarian one against all marriage…one of those “marriage is religious and no one should have marriage, civil unions for all” I tried to find exit polls from Prop 8 by LGBT voters, but couldn’t find any…see if any percentage voted for Proposition 8.

No where could I find this person’s argument that “seperate but equal is just fine as to not step of the toes of the religious.” No where could I find an argument by gays supporting Proposition 8, which this person claims to support.

I just found it pretty interested…if not a pathetic trolling attempt…I don’t exactly know.

What say you?  


  1. But then again, consider Hillaryis44. It’s owned and operated by a former Perot staffer. And while operated out of Manhattan, is run on the same server as McCain’s own website.

    Astroturf has become an interesting tool, and at this point, investigating the source of sources is very much necessary.  

  2. If you define “marriage” as being a religious institution and “civil unions” as being the legal ones, Donna and I wouldn’t be married.  There was never a church mentioned or involved and we explicitly don’t want there to be any religious intonation to our relationship.

    I’ve suggested before that this is the easy answer to the whole debate, but the “separate but not equal” counter is always there as a response.  If the gov’t just started issuing Civil Union licenses instead of Marriage licenses we could all be equally not married.  

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