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Urban Dictionary: "Repubican"

I was doing “the google” this morning, and hadn’t finished my first cuppa java.  Not a great typist at the best of times, half-awake I typed Repubican instead of Republican.  Much to my amusement, I was linked to the Urban Dictionary definitions of this term .

Warning – strong language below the fold.

My personal favorite was definition number 4:

4. repubican

Synonym for Republican, people obsessed with things, issues, topics relating to the “pubic” area. Generally, envious of anyone who has had blissful experiences with sex. Repubicans have been known to define patriotism as bringing the US government to a standstill in the attempt to impeach a president. Repubicans have no reservations in using government monies in the pursuit of their goals and will accuse you of treason if you question them.

a close second was #5:


Anyone who holds very traditional, moral, and christian views toward his own pubic hair.

Please, don’t touch my bathing suit area! I’m a Repubican.

Number 1 was:

1. repubican

Tiny dicked/titied Republican mutherfuckers/aspiring cocksuckers more concerned with “pubic” issues than issues of the “Public”. Repubicans main purpose for aspiring to public office is to gain control of matters “pubic”. Repubicans are psychosocially arrested in the pre-pubescent stage of development. Their obsession with topics “pubic” is their futile attempts to actually enter the “pubescent” stage of child development. FUGETABOUTIT. Pubican, Pubs, Fuckin Pubs; slang for Repubican.

(examples of usage not quoted – see for yourself)

However, when examining the definitions, I noticed that sadly, all were rather old, dating from 2003.

Now that the Repubicans Republicans have hit an all-time low represented by such esteemed pubic public figures like Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Steele, Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal I figgered it’s time we get an update.  

I posted this at DKos and was amused when someone posted a link to the Dickipedia page on Rush Limbaugh.  Was not aware of Dickipedia, but was curious about what they would say about SCOTUS Thomas, since he is famous for a Repubic statement made to Anita Hill, “Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?”

He doesn’t have a page there though.  

In Spanish slang, a pendejo (pubic hair) is an idiot or a-hole, so I will now use it as an adjective combined with Repubican.

So, Moooseketeers put your thinking caps on.

What is a Repubican?



  1. republican = dickweed

    no but seriously – the republicans are in a serious soul-searching moment here.  and the fate of the party hangs in the balance. in my opinion it is hugely important in a democracy to have opposition – its just that the opposition needs to be based on principle rather than partisanship and fear-mongering.

    the question is – which one will it end up being about?

  2. SpanishFly

    I’ve always been a fan of a two party system with one providing a check on the other.  No more.  When the party there to provide a check on the other in power literally has nothing to add to the debate, they deserve to be kicked to the curb.  Obama is looking for anything he can do to bring them into the conversation and he’s coming up empty.  These folks would rather do nothing and collect a paycheck than participate.  So, to me, the definition of a Repubican is:  

    “A lazy fucker fired by his boss who claims to know how to run the company better than the people in charge but who provides no evidence whatsoever supporting his claim.  Instead he just whines like a little bitch and garners as much attention as he can, usually from other lazy fuckers just like him.”

    Of course, that’s just my opinion.  I say fuck ’em.  Until the grow up they aren’t worth listening to.

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