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Vote Ellinorianne for DFA/Netroots Nation!

(Proudly cross-posted at OC Progressive)

OK, everyone. There’s still time for us to vote for Heather at DFA-Netroots Nation. Please do so… NOW!

Why? Well, why not send one of our best bloggers to Pittsburgh to represent OC Progressive? Netroots Nation is supposed to be a national gathering for netroots powerhouses and progressive activists, so how would Netroots Nation be complete without Heather?

Here’s Heather in her own words:

My personal volunteering highlight:

My involvement in a Presidential Campaign and my writing inspired my husband to run for State Senate in California and I’m so proud of the great job he did for our community and for the local party. […]

More about my volunteering with progressive organizations:

I’m attempting to become more active in the party and I’m a California Democratic Delegate. My goal, ultimately is to help promote many different causes by writing about them and attempting to educate others and inspire them to become active as well.

More about my work on current campaigns and issues:

I tend to dabble in a lot of issues. My husband and I are going to host a canvassing effort in Aliso Viejo to talk about Prop 8 and marriage equality. I’m actively supporting local candidates such as Beth Krom by blogging and helping to do fund raising for their campaigns. I’m attempting to learn more about food sustainability and health issues so I can write about them and help encourage candidates to be more aware of food sustainability as a huge issue, from it’s impact on the environment and our health. I also attempt to cover local politicians, issues, etc. by blogging at the OC Progressive. […]

A Little Bit About Ellinorianne

I’m a Mother, Wife and dedicated Democrat. I’m attempting at this time to take a new direction in my life by writing more, going back to school and learning how I can make a difference in our world. It’s a process that I’ve been blessed to share with many at Daily Kos and in my community.

Why I Deserve a Scholarship to Attend:

The next step in my evolution as blogger and writer means getting out and meeting all those people who have blessed me with their comments and their kindness. Daily Kos has become a community of friends and inspired me to do more in my life, to learn more and to write about that journey to encourage others to do the same. I just want a chance to meet all those people who have become an important part of my personal growth and my inspiration to push myself to do more and be more.

She’s been great here. She’s a tireless progressive activist. If she doesn’t deserve a scholarship for Netroots Nation, I don’t know who does.

Please, everyone, please vote for Heather today! The deadline is 12:00 AM, so we have time to make sure she gets a “Top 10” slot that will give her admission to Netroots Nation.