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"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Is FAIL, Needs to Go

OK, so today’s Mothers’ Day. I’m planning to stop by my mom’s house shortly and check up on her. But before I do that, I must address this:

President Barack Obama’s national security adviser says allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military is in the early discussions.

But retired Marine Gen. James Jones says it’s very preliminary in a very busy administration.

Jones said Sunday he’s not sure if the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy would be overturned, although Obama has said he wants it eliminated. Jones said the decision to go forward lies with the president.

For now, Jones says, “We have a lot on our plate right now.”

Mr. Jones, President Obama, and members of Congress, you just allowed this fine patriotic soldier to be fired. And believe it or not, we’ve already lost too many thousands of good soldiers simply because they’re queer. Now’s the time to lift the military service ban. Seriously.

There was no good reason for Dan Choi to be fired, none at all. He was a good soldier. He still loves this country. He served this country honorably. Yet because he showed real courage in coming out, we have to lose him. Why?

Really, why? Because the old timers in the “national security establishment” like Jim Jones are too afraid to allow LGBT people to serve openly in the military? Because Washington politicians are too afraid of doing something that most Americans now support?

Why are we willing to risk our own national security to fire good soldiers that happen to be LGBT? Is the good intelligence provided by an Arabic speaking linguists not really “good” if he’s gay? Are the soldiers being protected by a fellow soldier out on the battle field not really “safe” if that solider happens to be a lesbian? Are the lives being saved by an army medic not actually “saved” if that medic is transgender? Give me a break!

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, what are you waiting for? Why should any more soldiers be fired? Why should we continue this ridiculous kabuki dance of forcing LGBT servicemembers into the closet any longer? Haven’t we had enough of this BS?

Please, please speak out and demand the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”! Legislation has been introduced in Congress, but now’s the time for Congress to stop talking about it and start passing it. And yes, now’s the time for President Obama to stop talking about repealing the ban and start acting to actually repeal it.

We can’t allow this injustice any longer. We simply can’t afford it.

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  1. Cheryl Kopec

    I was a sergeant on active duty when Clinton first proposed allowing LGBT to serve openly. My first gut reaction was, “What a leadership nightmare. Now we’re going to have to deal with troops who refuse to shower or bunk together; blanket parties; cliques and “black sheep” when we’re having a hard enough time building unit cohesion and esprit de corps; hell, possibly even fragging and other tragic consequences. You can’t FORCE people to truly accept one another. The military’s not ready for this!”

    Military leaders must’ve voiced the same concerns, and the right undoubtedly pressured him to retract in order to score their own political points. So Clinton, rather than retracting completely, goes, “Allright, we won’t go that far, just don’t ask, don’t tell… (winkwink)” At that point, I thought, “How chickenshit. Grow a pair, please, Mr. Prez.”

    There was a young gay black private in my unit, although not in my squad. He used to confide in me about his trips to see his boyfriends and such. Nobody seemed to have a problem with him, fortunately, but he was pretty discreet. I doubt anybody in command knew anything about it.

    Choi’s mistake was in trotting out his orientation on national TV, for what? To get attention? To force the administration’s hand? Sorry, Mr. Choi, but have you noticed that the President has just a few little emergencies he’s sorta tied up with right now? Could this have just waited a while, ya think? Because right now, DADT is still in effect. And surely you’re smart enough to know that Obama’s not going to suddenly throw all his political capital your way when he needs it for so many other things. Some of us are wearing ourselves ragged pleading for environmental and species protections, health care reform, and other priorities that are literally matters of life and death to many Americans. So could we just stop stirring the pot if possible, at least until the country and the world are in a little more comfortable spot economically, environmentally, and strategically?

    Choi knew what he was doing. What did he expect Obama to do in response? I don’t blame the administration one bit.


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