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  1. what’s bugging me.  that there has to be continual fricking reminders that:

    May I remind Americans tonight, we had a consensus back in November, it was called an election. They lost. Elections have consequences. This is our time to shape the future of this country.”

    doh! um – this meme is for the crybabies and gop turds that have found themselves to be irrelevant.  ignore them – most of the people do.

  2. Now we all know Harriet Miers was by far the most qualified for the position.  George Bush told us so, there’s no reason to ever doubt any decision of his administration.

  3. psychodrew

    I want a liberal with a long record of being liberal.  Fuck bi-partisanship and reaching accross the aisle.  The GOP picks “strict constructionist” judges and we pick activist judges.  I want my liberal activist.

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