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California Gang Sweep Nets Skinheads Who Tried To Have Babies On Hitler B-Day

You cannot make this stuff up!

With all the uproar over the recent report on potential domestic terrorist, the reports sorta gets lost in the media black hole at the State and National level. The HATE WATCH Map will scare the bejesuz out of you!

Sweep targets Skinhead Gang In SocCal

A sweep of skinhead lairs throughout the Inland Empire on Monday twice took sheriff’s deputies to maternity wards where pregnant women were trying to bear babies on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Notice, other than FOX BS report, the absence of National Media?

Hatewatch Headlines

[LA] Klan Leader’s Son Deemed Incompetent To Stand Trial

The Times-Picayune / April 22, 2009

[CA] Sweep Targets Inland Empire Skinheads

San Bernardino County Sun / April 20, 2009

This one is posted in full and filed in the WTF Department!

Making Babies for the F├╝hrer

Posted in skinheads by David Holthouse on April 22, 2009

Here’s a new one, even by Hatewatch’s jaded standards: According to newspaper and television news accounts of this week’s Southern California law enforcement dragnet of the Inland Empire Skinheads, two female gang members were placed under arrest in hospital maternity wards. They were having labor induced to ensure their babies were born on April 20 – the 120th birthday of Adolf Hitler.

Nice parenting. Right from the get go.

Less shocking is the news of yet another major bust of a violent racist skinhead gang in the Inland Empire region, which the Intelligence Report first identified as a hotbed of white-power gangs activity in fall of 2005. As we reported then:

The Inland Empire used to be a sparsely populated, rural area of ranches, vineyards and farms, where whites were the clear and dominant majority.

All that has changed.

Driven from Los Angeles and San Diego by soaring housing prices, middle- and working-class black, Hispanic and Asian families have migrated to the Inland Empire in massive numbers, drawn by a surplus of comparatively affordable, big homes in sprawling, suburban-style developments. … Whites are now a minority in the Inland Empire.

These seismic changes in the region’s racial make-up have corresponded with a steady rise in hate crimes, including a particularly vicious spike in racially motivated violence and harassment…

According to law enforcement authorities, the Inland Empire Skinheads are responsible for murders, drug trafficking, witness intimidation, home invasion robberies and random, racially motivated assaults committed by prospective members. First documented by Riverside, Calif., police in 2002, investigators now estimate the gang has 30 members and roughly 70 associates, including many high school students.

“The most disheartening and alarming thing is that their only purpose is racial violence,” San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops said at a press conference.

Authorities said that the gang, whose leader was among those arrested Monday, maintains close ties with the Hammerskin Nation, a powerful nationwide coalition of skinhead groups. Seven members of the skinhead gang were taken into custody, including Raymond Williams, 34, a tattoo artist. More arrests are expected. Williams, who’s reportedly on the National Terrorist Watch List, was arrested at the hospital where his wife was giving birth.

Gang paraphernalia seized during simultaneous raids in two counties included brass knuckles, shotguns, swastika banners, copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and T-shirts displaying the gang’s emblem: two crossed battle axes and the number “95,” which stands for Inland Empire (“I” being the ninth letter of the alphabet, “E” the fifth).

The two mothers were taken into custody after giving birth and booked into Central Detention Center in San Bernardino along with their fellow gang members.

The fate of their newborns was not made public.

More headlines and some questions follow.

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South Florida Sun-Sentinel / April 7, 2009

[PA] Alleged Cop Killer Was Into Stormfront, Conspiracy Theories

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / April 5, 2009

[SC] Aging Klan Supporter Apologizes For Cross Burnings And Violence

Spartanburg Herald-Journal / April 5, 2009

[NY] Five White Teens Accused Of Hate Crime Attack

WTEN News / April 4, 2009

Map of U.S. Hate Groups

Locate the Hate Groups in your state.

The link to these and many other reports is here:…

Why do you think these stories are not LEAD Stories in the news? Do you think bloggers and National Media have a common fear to post this with their real name? How can progressives make certain that this word gets the reportage it deserves? Unless you are looking for it, it does just show up in the normal news sources.


  1. We saw a fair amount of racist hate during the election, and even one fairly ill-conceived skinhead plot to shoot the President at the inaugeration–but the media seems terrified to use the racist angle–in part from the cries of discrimination on the part of the looney Right.  

    We are at a point where folks are loathe to point out that we have a lot of racist asshats out there–and worse a media that is loathe to point out the visible asshats.  I point to the recent flap with the Tea Parties as a for instance.  The straight media seems afraid to point these folks out and appear “partisan” and Fox and their I’ll simply ignores the asshats in their midst. Which means that the asshats are going to skate through since no one is comfortable speaking on the subject of race. Because the popular perception is that since we elected a black President there is no racism in this country any more…

    Until we face things though, we’re going to see more of this crap. There are precious illusions that need to end on both sides of the aisle.  

  2. These are very small groups of radicals. Calling attention to them gives them publicity and enhanced stature. It doesn’t appear that they are a growing threat. Groups liek this have always been around in all countries. The best thing to do, imho, is to keep an eye on them and to keep them marginalized. Publicity works against that.

  3. creamer

    You don’t have to show anger, but we always need to point at it and say your wrong. The lies need to answered. A significant number of americans are at risk physicaly, mentaly and spiritualy, they need us to stand with them, not ignore the hate and hope it goes away.

    I’ve heard some chatter about 3rd world countries and bannana republics lately. Thats what I saw when I watched the hatred aand racism displayed at Palin rally’s last fall.

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