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In one of the fastest closing arguments and deliberations/verdict, Allen Andrada was convicted of all counts today in the murder of Transgender Angie Zapata. Conviction includes First Degree murder, BIAS (Hate) CRIME conviction and two lesser charges of theft of car and use of debit/credit card (identity theft). Andrada was sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.

Sorry for short post but this hit very quickly today. Your thoughts now that this is over?

Suddenly over 500 hits on NEWS.GOOGLE.COM with search term Angie Zapata Allen Andrade Trial

More when I have time to think about this a bit, at and cross-posted here.


  1. The Denver Channel has video of the verdict and other coverage:

    “The defense called five witnesses, with Andrade declining to testify. Bradley Martin, an attorney for Allen Andrade, downplayed comments Andrade made in recorded jail conversations, including that ‘all gay things must die.’…’Looking at the context, it could be shown that it was said in a joking manner,’ Martin argued. Prosecutors say Andrade knew for 36 hours that Zapata was biologically male and beat her to death with a fire extinguisher out of his dislike for homosexuals. Andrade’s attorneys argue Zapata deceived him, and that he snapped when he discovered she was a man.”

    He became angry and hit Zapata with his fist before grabbing a fire extinguisher and hitting her in the head twice, according to the affidavit. Andrade explained to police that he thought he ‘killed it,’ referring to Zapata but when she made gurgling noises and started to sit up, he hit her with the extinguisher again. He also admitted to police that he stole Zapata’s car and drove away.”

  2. sricki

    for the rest of his life. And the fact that he knew for 36 hours really changes the dynamics of the case for me.

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